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While the numbers are not confirmed, experts agree that divorce rates among parents with special needs children is far higher than the general population. And since single moms of special needs kids have challenges and joys that other moms  — single or otherwise  — do not.

Kim Thompson, a single mom of two boys, ages 7 and 13, ages who lives in New York City, has struggled with her son’s autism (and other diagnoses) first as a married mother, and now as a single, divorced mom. Because of her younger son’s special needs, she has put her career on hold and cares for him full-time at home.

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Kim and I discuss the challenges and wonders of parenting a special needs kid as a single mom:

  • The #1 challenge single moms of special needs children face.
  • What dating is like as a mother of a disabled child. “I want to feel like the amazing woman I am again!” Kim told me.
  • How to be a supportive friend of a mom struggling with a special needs kid.
  • What it feels like when friends fade away because of your family.
  • Why, ‘Just hire child care’ is the wrong thing to say.
  • The thing that makes a single mom of  special needs kid feel most cared for.
  • The financial realities of the situation — including insurance.
  • How her son’s disability contributed to her divorce.
  • YOU think you don’t get a break?!
  • Kim’s top advice for single moms with special needs children.
  • How much Kim loves and DELIGHTS in her special needs kid.


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