Nothing says summer fun like personalized tie dye beach towels! Perfect for the pool or a beach outing, kids will love creating these colorful towels and will be so excited to use them.

We’ve partnered with Tulip Tye Dye for this fun project. Tie dye your summer with tons of creative and colorful projects that are perfect for kids.

Tie Dye Beach Towel

Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towels

Here’s what you need to make personalized tie dye beach towels:

Tulip One-Step Spray Dye Kit

We used the Tulip One-Step Spray Dye Kit for this project. I love how kid-friendly it is! You just spray right where you want the color to appear. The kit has everything you need for tie dye projects, including gloves and rubber bands.

Cover your work surface with the disposable table cloth. This makes clean-up so easy!

Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towel

Lay your towel out and use the duct tape to write your child’s name across the front.

Personalized Tie Dye Beach TowelPersonalized Tie Dye Beach Towel

Now comes the fun part! Put on your gloves and start spraying the colors onto the towel. We wanted a rainbow look for our towel, so we started in one corner and moved from color to color. We sprayed pretty lightly so that it would have more of an ombre look.

Personalized Tie Dye Beach TowelPersonalized Tie Dye Beach Towel

Allow to air dry.

The colors didn’t bleed through the towel, so we turned it over and repeated the colors on the back.

Once both sides are dry, remove the tape and rinse the towel in cold water. Some of the color will run onto the white letters — that’s ok! It will still be much lighter than the rest of the towel and it looks really cool!

Tie Dye Beach Towel

Wash separately in a large load of hottest water suitable for fabric and a small amount of laundry soap. Dry separately. Wash and dry separately for the first few washes.

We had so much fun making this personalized tie dye beach towel over at our Quirky Momma Facebook page! We even got the kids involved.

Now that you’re ready to rock the beach with an awesome tie dye towel, check out these other colorful tie dye projects for summer!


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