Coolest Pool Floats To Relax On This Summer

There are a lot of awesome things about summer… the warm weather, the BBQ’s, the time out of school. But there is one thing that is all kids favorite and that is the swimming pool!

I loved getting a couple new pool floats every year as a kid and now they are even better. There are so many awesome choices! If you’re looking for some epic pool floats to hang out on all summer here are our favorites.

Coolest Pool Floats To Relax On This Summer

Who doesn’t want to float around on a unicorn?? This unicorn float is just dreamy.

Check out the tiny swan floaty perfect for the babies.

Oh my gosh, there’s a flamingo, too! This is just precious.

I’m totally loving this donut float with a bite taken out of it – ha!

Kids will love this super fun banana float!

Everyone grab a slice of pizza and make a whole pie! Haha!

This suntan tub would be perfect for relaxing on the water. I just love calmly floating around.

Check out this floating island! I feel like I’d never want to leave.

This two person lobster float is one the kids will have so much fun with.

Or try riding on a sting-ray. This would be fun on the beach waves!

This water wheel will keep the kids busy and playing for sure. Get two and have a race!

Here is a little island with a spot for everyone! This would be a lot of fun at the lake, too.

We know you will have so much fun with your kids on these awesome pool floats!

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