Honestly? I was always a little snobbish about people who spent hours posting their old clothes, books and tchotchke  online for extra, random cash. Just take it to the Goodwill and take the tax write-off! I’d scream, sometimes in my own mind, and often aloud. To the person’s face. After all, I am a giant proponent of managing my in terms of time-vs-money. I don’t clean my own house or do my own laundry because it makes more financial, emotional and even spiritual sense for me to outsource those things to an expert (my amazing house cleaner Sandra), than do them myself. Same with getting rid of unused household, electronic or media. Why waste time earning a little money when the pros at my local charity could resell it so much better, and I could use that time to earn a lot more cash?!

Or so I thought.

Enter Decluttr.

Short story: I made $246.23 in less than 10 minutes from selling old media and electronics online with Decluttr. Zero exaggeration.

Long story with pictures (it’s actually short, too):

  1. I got together a bunch of old books, video games, DVDs, CDs (my kids actually didn’t know what these were!), an old iPhone and Xbox. Here is some of the crap:

2. I created an account at This took less than 90 seconds.



3. I downloaded the Decluttr app on my iPhone. Less than 30 seconds.

sell iphone online


4. This is where the genius starts. Using the app, I scanned the bar codes of the DVDs, CDs, video games and books, which immediately logged the items and told me what I would be paid. Some earned me pennies (sorry Oasis!), while others gave me tens of dollars (thanks video games!). I entered the Xbox and iPhone information manually and easily with Decluttr‘s drop-down menus. Instead of using the app, you can also enter the serial numbers manually via the website — that only takes a few more minutes. sell video game online


5. After I cruised through 15 items, I packed them all up in a random cardboard box sitting in a closet, printed the shipping label Decluttr emailed me, and slapped it on the box:

sell electronics dvds online


6. I walked the box across the street to a UPS drop-off site (a neighborhood pharmacy), and cherished the newfound space in my home!

7. Four days laterI received an email that my items arrived. 24 hours later I saw this in my Paypal account (I spaced and logged the iPone in separate from the rest of the order, hence the two separate payments):

sell xbox online


There you have it folks, $246.23 in less than 10 minutes from selling old media and electronics online with Decluttr. Plus, I feel pretty good knowing that these electronics will be reused or recycled and not wind up in a landfill or dumped in the ocean!



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