Make a Geoboard

It’s so easy to make a geoboard to build shapes and work on hand-eye coordination with toddlers and preschoolers.

This would be a fun quiet activity if you have a bored preschooler  on your hands.

Make a Geoboard

How to Make a Geoboard

You’ll need these supplies to make a geoboard:

  • Map pins
  • Foam board
  • Graph paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Rubber bands

Cover one side of the foam board in Mod Podge and attach a sheet of graph paper. Once it’s dry, cut the board/paper to fit.

How to Make a GeoboardHow to Make a Geoboard

Paint the sharp end of a map pin with Mod Podge, and push it into the foam board. Keep adding pins to the board at even intervals.

Allow to dry, and you’re ready to start adding shapes!

How to Make a Geoboard

Wrap rubber bands around the pin heads to create different shapes. My son loves this activity — we’ve tried making different scenes, like houses and trains. I’ll ask him to make certain shapes using certain colored rubber bands. It’s such a great learning activity!

How to Make a GeoboardHow to Make a Geoboard

You could also make some shape monsters  for another shape activity!


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