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DIY Necklaces and Accessories For Kids

necklaces for girls

Do your kids love making DIY necklaces? We have found so many adorable  tutorials for necklaces, bracelets and even earrings and hair bows! Your kids will love making their own fashion statements!

diy jewelry for girls

We can’t help it — we are obsessing over all of these cute options, and we think your kids just might too! Oh to be young again and able to pull off these adorable looks!

The best part is, these are actually d0-able. Nothing too complex or scary. Simple steps to make your child’s day and give them some new fashion to wear!

headbands for girls

DIY Headbands

Your kids will love making headbands from t-shirts.  All you need is scissors and old shirts!

Gather up your favorite old buttons or buy some bright and shiny new ones, and you can create these adorable buttoned headbands.

Make a flowered headband with this easy tutorial. We love all the different color combinations you can do with scrap fabric.

Just a subtle bow on these homemade headbands but the effect is so cute. Perfect for wearing everyday or during playtime.

Create a scrunchy flowery headband right in your own house. These are so easy to make and adorable!

diy hairclips

DIY Hair Clips

Spruce up those old bobby pins with some paint and buttons to make new homemade bobby pins!

From headbands to clips these adorable hair accessories are made with hot glue and glitter.

Thread your boring old clips with adorable threads. These are quick homemade hair flowers that are so fun and unique.

hair clips

Curly ribboned hair accessories are perfect for the littlest girl in your life. All the colors make these so exciting.

These simple homemade hair bows are made from felt and and are a quick and easy craft to do when you need a matching bow fast!

Fun for Halloween, these google eyed hair clips are entirely too much fun.

Fashion your own DIY hair clips with this simple tutorial. We are loving all the buttons!

hair clips to make

DIY Hair Bows

Easy no-sew flower hair clips. We love how easy these are to make, and they are unlike any other bows you’ll see on all the other kids!

Ready for even more fun with felt? There are so many options for homemade flower bows in this amazing tutorial list.

Make this simple DIY bow with very few items, and only a little bit of time for a whole lot of cute.

While this one does require a bit of sewing these ruffled flower clips are so cute they are worth every moment they take to create.

necklace diy

DIY Necklaces

Make homemade princess necklaces with this simple tutorial. Perfect for a princess party!

Sand art is so much fun, which is why we combined it with another favorite – homemade jewelry!

Turn simple recyclable materials into a pretty bottle cap necklace. Some stickers and Mod Podge make this such a fun craft.

For the little horse lover in your life, make these fun DIY horse necklaces, each one is different so she can wear a new one every day.

necklaces for girls

Not gonna lie, we are obsessing over these Disney princess inspired necklaces. Those color combinations are perfection.

This is DIY jewelry on another level. Mini clothespins painted and spruced up into a gorgeous necklace.

Make a DIY best friends necklace out of puzzle pieces. So fun to make these from home  and  there is room for many BFFs!

diy necklaces

Combine lots of buttons to make this adorable DIY  retro necklace.

We were majorly impressed with all of the DIY jewelry that can be made using colored pencils! So many colorful options.

Take those buttons to the next level with these cute homemade animal necklaces made with buttons.

Homemade diffuser necklaces are pretty, and you can use them to surround your kids with your favorite essential oil blends.

necklaces for girls

Combine nail polish and tools to make these unique DIY charm necklaces.

Create a homemade chunky necklace using this fun tutorial and gum balls!

diy bracelets

DIY Bracelets For Kids

These DIY  bangle bracelets are made using clay. They are so colorful and fun, I never would have guessed they were homemade!

There are so many types of rainbow loom bracelets your kids can make using these fun tutorials.

Yarn and toilet paper rolls mix together to make these cute little DIY bracelets for kids!

Paper clips to rubber bands, these homemade bracelets are all made from different office supplies!


Homemade Bracelets

Using fabric beans you can make  DIY bracelets and necklaces, so many options.

DIY wooden bracelets are decorated with Washi tape to make the fun and fashionable.

These bandanas make adorable fabric bangle bracelets! Make your own fashion statements with this fun activity.

Button bracelets are all the rage right now. So sweet and customizable for the kids to get to show off their own styles.

Glitter tubes and fun mix together to make the cutest homemade bracelets  ever!

Easy homemade jewelry comes in the form of plastic bottles! Bracelets, headbands and so much more!

Friendship bracelets made at home with this fun jellyfish bracelet activity.

You know the cardboard sleeve that goes around coffee cups? Grab that and turn it into a custom made bracelet!


DIY Rings

For a splash of summer make this adorable  strawberry ring for your girls.

For some weekend fun, make an evening of creating DIY cardboard rings for this cute look.

Fun homemade rings created with coins and Mod Podge. The initials are super fun!

Duct tape rings made from all the different colors and patterns, for the cutest rings possible!

Even more homemade jewelry from office supplies, these rubber band rings are so quick and easy to make and adorable to wear.

Homemade statement rings are so bright, colorful and flowery, your girls will love making them and wearing them!

diy crowns

DIY Crowns

The last of our beautiful felt jewelry options, make this fun crown for the little princes and princesses in your life.

Such a fun homemade crown, using feathers  and a little pie plate!

Make your own birthday crown with this adorable tutorial. The kids will love all the sparkles!

Make natural crowns using colorful pinecones. Perfect for your little fairies and woodland princes!

Make a fun DIY butterfly crown using things around the yard and a few things from the craft store.

If you are looking for something fancy for your little princess dancer to wear while twirling but not too special to keep for only special occasions this breath crown is perfect!


Which of these fun DIY necklaces, jewelry and accessories will you and your kids try first?

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016