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Fun Craft: Polar Bear Plate

Check out this fun craft courtesy of Lakeshore Learning:

Polar Bear Plate Craft

This cute polar bear craft is a great introduction to arctic animals!

This activity is appropriate for:
pre-k - 3rd grade / 4 - 8 years

You will need:


  1. Give each student a paper plate and about 20–25 cotton balls.
  2. Invite students to gently spread the cotton balls apart with their fingers to make them loose and fluffy. Then have them use glue to cover the surface of their plate with the cotton balls.
  3. Give students a copy of the polar bear face template and have them cut out the eyes, nose/mouth, and ears.
  4. Instruct students to glue the bear’s eyes to the cotton balls at the top of the plate and its nose/mouth below. Ask them to glue the ears to the top edge of the plate to complete the polar bear’s face!
  5. Provide each student with a Polar Bear Writing Page reproducible. Encourage students to think of appropriate descriptions to complete each sentence.
  6. Have students glue the writing page to the back of their polar bear plates. Invite them to take their plates home to practice reading fluency.
Friday, January 6, 2012