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Carolyn Sells, Alcuin Director of Elementary School, presents Dylan Owens with an awards certificate.

Alcuin School, a leader in Montessori and International Baccalaureate (IB) education, is pleased to announce that Dylan Owens won first place in the Alcuin Upper Elementary School Spelling Bee Jan. 15.  Gavin Bell was the runner up.

For the past eight years, Alcuin has hosted the event for students in 4-6th grades as part of the school’s association with the Spelling Bees for Private Schools and Catholic Dioceses. Following eight rounds of competition Owens, a 5th grader, spelled “odious” correctly to win. 

Owens was awarded a certificate and will advance to the Dallas Morning News Spelling Bee with students from across the state on March 26.  The winner of that competition will advance to the National Spelling Bee in late May.

"Preparing for the spelling bee helps the students in their ability to communicate throughout their lives," said Carolyn Sells, Alcuin Director of Elementary School and Spelling Bee Coordinator.  "Spelling enhances a student's ability to communicate, whether it is in writing, speaking or listening. These skills are used in every area of a person's life, whether in school or in their career."

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A vibrant, nurturing, coeducational academic community serving students from toddler to 12th grade, Alcuin School uses the Montessori and International Baccalaureate program methods to foster critical thinking and a lifelong passion for learning. With faculty support, students at Alcuin School are eager to embrace change, question the status quo, and prepare for their future as leaders in a global society. For more information, please visit

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