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LEGOS: 75+ Ideas, Tips and Hacks

Kids Activities Blog 6/15 1:00A Rachel
Are you looking for LEGO ideas and tips? Are they big at your house? Need some LEGO Table hacks? We have discovered the secret on How to Build a lego table. We have organized...

My Potty Trained Child Is Wetting The Bed

Kids Activities Blog 6/14 3:00P Becky Mansfield
Yes, many mothers have gone through the phase where their potty trained child is wetting the bed at night. You do all of the things to potty train them quickly and...

Toddler-Safe {Coloured} Cloud Dough

Kids Activities Blog 6/14 7:00A Jackie
Toddler-safe, cloud dough made without Baby Oil so even the youngest toddlers can enjoy it! Of all the homemade dough recipes we use here in my daycare, Cloud Dough is one of...

Animal Paper Plate Crafts

Kids Activities Blog 6/14 1:00A Rachel
You will have so much fun with these animal paper plate crafts! With some paper plates and paints you can make your own zoo for your kids! So fun! Animal Paper Plate Crafts...

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Texas Students Achieve Gains On 2019 STAAR Test

Texas Education Agency 6/13 9:37P DeEtta
The Texas Education Agency (TEA) today released results for the 2019 spring administration of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test. Results for...

TEA Encourages Parents To “Log On, Learn More”

Texas Education Agency 6/13 12:55A DeEtta
The Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced today that student State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test scores, as well as valuable resources to support...

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Chocolate Strawberry Marshmallow Panini

The Bakers Mann 6/5 3:00A (The Baker's
All I can say is that we have teenagers in the house. I won’t say what or which one but she… My latest kitchen gadget acquisition is a panini press. Sur La Table was essentially “giving it” to me so I...

Meg and Other Matters

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Cooking 6/4 4:13A The Pioneer Woman
Meg, Alex s lifelong friend, got married Saturday! She s Hyacinth s daughter, and while it s a little surreal that she is now a married woman, she found pretty much the perfect man for her in Stephen....

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Hewitt Homeschooling Resources SPEECH Course Review

Jens RAQ 6/14 4:32A Jenn L
We have reviewed several things from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources, but our latest review item has been a high school Speech course for my oldest homeschooling child. She has...

5 Types of Grandparents and Role They Play

7 on a Shoestring 6/14 2:24A Staci Salazar
There are many types of grandparents and many roles a grandparent can play. Find the grandparent role most beneficial for your family. This post 5 Types of Grandparents and...

Host an Epic Backyard BBQ

Days of a Domestic Dad 6/13 10:14A Colby
It’s officially summer! It’s time for outdoor adventures, late night s’mores, and backyard barbecues. In fact, grilling season is what I enjoy most about the warmer...

Something for Everyone at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake

7 on a Shoestring 6/13 6:06A Staci Salazar
The Lodge at Whitefish Lake offers a variety of options for the solo traveler, couples, or large groups. Whether on a romantic getaway or a family reunion, there’s a room for...

Super Hero Complete the Drawing Printable

Jens RAQ 6/13 1:56A Jenn L
Are your kids obsessed with super heroes? Here is a quick and easy printable that will keep them entertained for a bit without any screens! Captain America and Spiderman are a...

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AquaKids Mckinney Swim Camps

My Crazy Savings 6/11 10:04A Courtney Solstad
There are so many camps to choose from but not many that are LIFE saving! AquaKids Mckinney offers Swim Camps! They are Monday-Friday camps that last 2 weeks long. They are 30...

Father’s Day Gift Guide

My Crazy Savings 6/9 5:43P Courtney Solstad
Father s Day is coming quick and NOW is the time to snag some great deals! I love finding (and saving!) on items that my hubby will love and enjoy! I am a very practical gift...

Easy Lunch Box Ideas for back to school.

Mommy Wish List 6/9 3:23P (Mommy's Wis
I pack three lunches every morning. None of them are mine. The people who eat these lunches all have their issues: My husband wants more cookies than cookie monster in his lunch. Quinn is not allowed...

How I'm Sending My Baby Off to College

Mommy Wish List 6/9 3:20P (Mommy's Wis
Quinn and his friends are just about to leave the nest. They're all going to be headed off to fantastic math nerd colleges very soon. It's been an amazing thing to watch these kids turn into adults....

How to celebrate the 4th of July in the 70s.

Mommy Wish List 6/9 3:17P (Mommy's Wis
We were so patriotic, we even lived in a house that started with a "76" Can I just say that man, I wish I had even one dress as cool as the one my mother wore on the Fourth of July in 1970? Of course,...

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4th of July Flag Cake

The Wiegands 6/15 2:02A CaseyWiegand
FOURTH OF JULY CAKE I love creating special moments for our holiday celebrations, and this fourth of July cake is one of my favorites! It’s such a fun way to get festive, and to bring my kids in to...

Adelaide's Big Girl Bed.

The Wiegands 6/14 2:26A CaseyWiegand
About a year ago I wrote this about our crib. " Y’all. This crib. We bought it when I was pregnant with my first and all four babies have used it. I’ve slept in that crib, next to that crib.... I’ve...

Beach Bound & Beach Theme Cookies to Celebrate

The Wiegands 6/13 2:34A CaseyWiegand
We love when school is out and we can start heading out on our summer adventures! One of our favorite places to spend our days is in Watercolor and Seaside. The crystal blue water and white sandy...

Tripe Threat Conditioner.

The Wiegands 6/12 9:22A CaseyWiegand
I am excited to share another super simple hair DIY with you today that is absolutely amazing!! The “triple threat” conditioner - it does wonders for you hair, leaving it so silky and smooth, with all...

Supporting Kids with Big Feelings.

The Wiegands 6/12 1:35A CaseyWiegand
I am always amazed at how resilient kids are. Things that would knock me down for days seem to roll right off our kids backs. But there are times where they go through big emotions that they haven’t...

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A Few Things

Design Mom 6/14 5:05A Design Mom
Hello, Friends. How s it going? How was your week? I know the school year is just ending for some of you — and other are already deep into summer break. Today is my birthday! Sunday is Father s Day!...

Something to Try: Iced Chocolate

Design Mom 6/13 2:47P Design Mom
Remember when Ben Blair and I went to Australia? One of the best takeaways from the trip was definitely Iced Chocolate. In every eating establishment we visited — fancy restaurants, simple cafés,...

When Do Body Image Issues Begin?

Mommy Shorts 6/12 10:55A Allie Isnardi
A couple of months ago, I was contacted by someone who was putting together a panel on body image. They wanted the perspective of a mom with young daughters. I talked with that woman on the phone for...

How To Find An Au Pair Position

Design Mom 6/12 10:01A Design Mom
Last week I mentioned that Olive has found an Au Pair position in the South of France, beginning this fall. She s very excited, and we re very excited for her. In response, several readers asked for a...

Fueling Up at Home by The Pioneer Woman

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond 6/12 3:19A The Pioneer Woman
I m an early riser. Part of this is because I m married to a cattle rancher and have been conditioned over the past 23 years to believe that getting up after the sun has...

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