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(Left) Walter Sorensen, Alcuin Head of School, congratulates students of Alcuin's first-ever graduating class during the commencement ceremony at the Belo Mansion.

Alcuin School, a leader in Montessori and International Baccalaureate® education, commemorated its inaugural graduation ceremony with all the pomp and circumstance befitting this highly-anticipated celebration at the Belo Mansion in downtown Dallas on May 24.  More than 200 guests attended the ceremony featuring keynote speaker Dr. Siva Kumari, global IB Director General, who commended the students on their achievements and accomplishments.  

As a world leader in education, Dr. Kumari’s participation at Alcuin’s graduation ceremony demonstrated the importance of the IB curriculum for its students. Students who study the IB learn critical thinking skills and become internationally-minded people who learn to respect themselves, others, and the world around them.

“It has been an amazing journey for our first senior class who are Alcuin’s educational trailblazers,” said Walter Sorensen, Alcuin Head of School.  “They have all worked so hard and with so much dedication to achieve their academic goals through the IB programme.  These young people are truly inspirational and our faculty and staff have been so proud to have been part of their success,” he adds.   

Due to the exceptional academic performance of the students, Alcuin’s inaugural graduating class has received an average of $100,000 in scholarships for each student making the collective total over a million dollars.  They have also received offers of admission from colleges and universities across the United States, Canada and Europe. The graduates will be attending a variety of globally recognized research institutions and premier liberal arts colleges this fall.  

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the reading of the graduates’ personal statements on how Alcuin has inspired them to excel in college and beyond.  The students also selected faculty and staff members to present them with a graduation stole as part of the ceremony.  This presentation denoted the students’ outstanding achievements in academics.

Studies show that students who participate in IB education are better prepared for college, they perform better when they are there, and they are more likely to graduate (and graduate sooner) than other students. In addition, IB high school graduates are also more likely to enroll in selective institutions.

At Alcuin School, the IB pedagogy extends the Montessori methods in an age appropriate way. Teachers continue to guide rather than dictate student learning.  Choice and responsibility continue.  Until Alcuin launched the Upper School in 2014, older students did not have the opportunity to move forward into a program which extended the school’s Montessori and IB at the same level of excellence.

During the commencement, Dr. Kumari shared success stories of how the International Baccalaureate® Programme prepares students as compassionate global citizens as they transition into college and later in life.  Her message helped the graduates see that anything is possible, and the future truly is bright as they go out into the world as Alcuin Hawk Alumni to spread their wings and soar.

About Alcuin School

A vibrant, nurturing, coeducational academic community serving students from toddler to 12th grade, Alcuin School uses the Montessori and International Baccalaureate program methods to foster critical thinking and a lifelong passion for learning. With faculty support, students at Alcuin School are eager to embrace change, question the status quo, and prepare for their future as leaders in a global society. For more information, please visit

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