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Alcuin School volunteers made a special check presentation during the recent Parents' Club meeting Feb. 4. Left to right: Patricia deLeon, Tatiana Camu, Veronica Diaz, Sharon Anderson, Mary Ann Campbell, Alcuin librarian, and Erin Dace. Seated is Misty Scott.

It was definitely a banner day at Alcuin School’s Underhill Library on Wednesday, Feb. 4.  During the monthly Alcuin School Parents' Club meeting, volunteers made a special check presentation in the amount of $10,328.29, representing the largest-ever contribution raised to benefit the school’s library. Visit:

The donation was a culmination of funds generated during the school’s Annual Book Fair in November, sponsored by the Parents’ Club.  The effort was led by Book Fair Co-chairs:  Patricia DeLeon, Veronica Diaz, Tatiana Camu, and Erin Dance.  The team implemented unique ideas to make the school’s fundraiser  more like a boutique book store shopping experience, which helped spur sales this year.   

In honor of these talented parents, a book entitled What Do You Do with an Idea?, has been dedicated to the Alcuin School Underhill Library. 

The proceeds will be used to renew two Alcuin School community-wide online subscriptions (Tales2Go and BrainPop).  The donation will also fund a new computer dedicated to featuring photos and videos during classroom visits and  provide new research materials, among other educational amenities. 

Many thanks go to Sharon Anderson and her staff at Half Price Books, Margaret Dai and other dedicated volunteers, in addition to the tireless work of Alcuin librarians Mary Ann Campbell and  Heather Tranchin.

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An enriched, nurturing, coeducational academic community, Alcuin School uses the Montessori and International Baccalaureate program methods to foster critical thinking and a lifelong passion for learning. With faculty support, students at Alcuin School are eager to embrace change, question the status quo, and prepare for their future as leaders in a global society. For more information, please visit

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