Christmas countdown ideas

Ahhhh, the anticipation of Christmas! It truly is the most wonderful  time of the year. And it does not have to last only that one day. In fact, I think the best part of Christmas is counting down to it!

It makes for a whole month of exciting, out-of-the ordinary activities for your kids that bring on  those thrilled smiles that make your heart melt down to nothing. Here are  30 super fun ways to countdown to Christmas with your family. Pick a way to countdown and get the magic started  on December 1st!

Advent Ideas for Christmas

Christmas  Advent Activities

Create tiny black boxes and number them with the days till Christmas!  Each filled with a fun surprise or a hint to a favily activity.

Wrap 24 Christmas-themed books, one for every night as a count down to Christmas. Give your child or children one a night to open–it’s an educational advent calendar!

A really easy way to start counting down to the holiday is download and print this printable Advent Calendar.

Alternately, wrap up books in white felt with Christmas-themed shapes and countdown numbers on each one. It doubles as a decoration for the mantle, too!

Do 24 random acts of Christmas kindness–such a good lesson for kids to learn! Here’s an idea to get you started: candy cane bombing!  


holiday countdown ideas

Christmas Countdown Ideas

Get a plank and wood glue numbered clothespins to it – then you can use those pins to hold brown paper packages tied up with string!  Each package has a special gift or tradition!

Make a DIY Advent Calendar with a pompom jar!  Attach a fun family activity with a slip of paper to each pompom in your jar!

Christmas advent ideas2

How to Countdown to Christmas

Create a forest of cones! It’s a great craft to do with the kids and this post contains a free printable!

Hang 24 Christmas socks and tuck an activity in each one! No sewing involved, promise. Printables are included in the instructions on this post!

I love the simple, classic look of this mini  tree calendar – each box has another trinket to remember the season.

How about these cute paper boxes made from grocery bags and filled with surprise treats for your little ones?

Christmas countdown ideas

Making Christmas Magical – All Month Long

Christmas clouds!   Sew little gifts into circular pieces of colorful fabric, and hang below the cloud! Use wire hangers to form themYour kiddos get to open a gift each day!

Create an advent tree on the wall! Hang little gifts, snacks and ornaments from it for each day.

Nordic Elves! You need this whimsical little gang of adorableness to reign  in the big day!

Print cards with a fun family Christmas Activity that you can do together.  This Vintage Christmas Countdown Calendar is easy to throw together quickly.

Toilet paper tube house–such a cute (and EASY) way to repurpose toilet paper tubes! Put little gifts in each one, this post gives lots of fantastic ideas for both boy and girl gifts!

how to countdown to christmas

Advent Ideas

Give Santa’s beard a haircut every day until Christmas!

Make treat bags with all of your kids’ favorite goodies inside!

Or try this treat bag which includes a free printable for wrapping!

Put together this adorable paper chain snowman countdown!

ways to countdown for christmas

Put sticky countdown  numbers onto simple cardboard boxes with activities to do each day inside.

Countdown envelopes–each one filled with flat gifts (like coins, stickers, temporary tattoos and more!)

Put cards on a tree with a holiday activity for the whole family to do each day!

The coolest advent jar I’ve seen so far! I am making this FOR SURE. Plus her ideas for each day are really good.

Create a mini-forest of beautiful Christmas tree countdown cones!

Ideas to countdown to christmas

More Ways to Countdown to Christmas

This amazing snowman countdown clock. Your family will use this for years!

Oh I love this idea: have your kids grow a candy cane! This post shows it in three stages but I bet you could stretch it to several more days and have a full-grown candy cane by Christmas! Magic!

Make a wheel with clothespins and numbers!

Print out this list and read a passage of Scripture every day to remember the reason for the season!

DIY Clothespin tree (as tall as you!) Pin paper bags filled with wonderful things onto each one!

This is neat: add something or someone to the Nativity scene every day!

And if this was not enough.  You need more Advent calendar ideas!  Then hop on over to our friend at DIY Candy for 20 more unique DIY Advent Calendars!


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