With all of our electronic devices, it seems like my house is over run with cords and wires. I’ve been on the hunt to find some functional and cute ways to organize cords. I found a bunch! (affiliate links included)

If you have strings of cords all over the place like we do, take note of these great cord management ideas. These will get you organized in no time!

13 Ways To Organize All Those Cords

13 Ways To Organize All Those Cords

Make a cable box out of a shoe box and wrapping paper. Super smart! via Dark Room and Dearly

Grab a few plastic glasses containers from the dollar store and you’ve got some great cord organization. via Road Trips Today

Some binder clips a lable maker and a few colors of washi tape will put all your cords in order! via Every Day Dishes

Keep track of which cords belongs to what device by labeling them in different colors. via Yes Missy

13 Ways To Organize All Those Cords

These bendable cord ties can be used over and over to keep your cords from getting tangled.

Use command hooks on the back of kitchen appliances so you don’t have to look at all the wires. So smart! via Dimplicity

This little DIY project will help you hide your internet router and all those unsightly cords that go along with it. via BuzzFeed

Small plastic drawers with labels will help you organize all your cords so you know right where to find them.


Binder clips, washi tape and labels make the cutest cord organizer DIY that is so simple and totally effective. via Blue I Style

One of the most inexpensive ideas is to use toilet paper rolls – this is so smart! via A House Full of Sunshine

If your earbuds cord is always a tangled mess, this little clothespin trick is perfection. via The Pin Junkie

13 Ways To Organize All Those Cords

Using a Christmas ornament storage box is one of the best ways to organize cords. via The Home I Have Is Made

These leather snaps will keep everything together and un-tangled.

Also try these cord boxes that do an awesome job of concealing clutter!

Ready to organize the entire house?  We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families!

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