Paper Plate Feelings Pumpkin

Halloween is the perfect season for talking about feelings with children. Happy, excited, and scared are the most common feelings that Halloween brings. It’s fun to use pumpkins to help children further understand their many emotions. Paper Plate Feelings Pumpkins are perfect for home, social skills groups, or large group social-emotional learning instruction. They are easy to make and can be paired with many great children’s books.

Halloween is the perfect season to talk about feelings with children. Paper Plate Feelings Pumpkins will help you do just that in a fun, creative way!

Paper Plate Feelings Pumpkins

This craft requires basic, minimal supplies that can be found at most big-box stores.

To make this craft you will need:

  • Orange paper plates
  • Brown construction paper or craft foam
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Black permanent marker
  • Single hold punch
  • Writing paper or strips
  • Glue

Paper Plate Feelings Pumpkin

After gathering all of the supplies, kids can use the scissors to cut a thick pumpkin stem from the brown construction paper or craft foam. Glue the stem to the pumpkin.

Invite children to curl the pipe cleaners with a pencil or their fingertips. Punch 2 holes near the top of the pumpkin, then twist the pipe cleaners through the holes.

Paper Plate Feelings Pumpkin

Next, invite children to draw a basic feeling such as happy, glad, mad, or sad on their pumpkin. Older children can draw more advanced feelings such as worried, confused, frustrated, and disgusted. Children should label their pumpkin’s feeling on lined paper or strips.

Alternatively, use the pumpkin as a prompt. Ask children a question such as, “How do you feel about bullying?” or, “How do you feel at a birthday party?” Kids can show their answer using the pumpkin!

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Paper Plate Feelings Pumpkin

Last, invite children to glue the paper strips to the bottom of the pumpkin before displaying.

Paper Plate Feelings Pumpkin

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