Halloween is always a fun, spooky time of year! From the costumes to the decorations to a haunted house, it’s the one time of year where being scary is acceptable.

For kids, it’s another chance to dress up as your favorite character or hero! And these Top Kids Halloween Costumes, represent both! This guide will help you and your kids find the perfect Halloween costume!


Here’s the costume that is at the top of the list again this year for girls! All girls like to dress up like a princess!

And when it comes to a princess costume, we have found just about every princess you could imagine. I also love that these costumes can be worn over and over again!

There are so many more princess costumes to choose from. Here's our list of Princess Costumes for Halloween!

There are so many costume choices to choose from.  Here are a few other costume ideas from Blue Digger!  And these are not just for kids.  You can find great adult costumes too!

And don't forget to check out these other Princess Costumes for Halloween!

There are also so many hero costumes to choose from.  Here's a closer look at 18 Halloween Hero Costume Ideas!

And if you are into making your own Halloween costume, here's a great Face Paint Kit for Kids! Let your imagination run wild!

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