With the month of February right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Gifts for Kids!

It’s easy to buy candy for your child and be done with it, but a thoughtful gift will be even more special – and without the sugary crash. We’ve collected a great list of Valentine’s gifts for kids that your child will be sure to love.

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Our Favorite Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

The best collection of Valentine's Gifts for Kids!

Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

Shopkins are currently all the rage with young girls, and the more your child can collect, the happier they’ll be. This Shopkins Sweetheart Collection is a great Valentine gift for kids where they can collect quite a few exclusive Shopkins all at once!

Whether you have a boy or a girl, stuffed animals are always a great gift to give. Webkinz are fun because not only does your child get a stuffed animal, but they come with a unique secret code that can be used on their online website for even more fun! This Webkinz Plush is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Even though we are in the winter months, children still have an obsession with mermaid tails. This Mermaid Tail Blanket is the cutest way for your child to stay warm for winter, and the pink makes it a picture perfect Valentine’s gift!

If you have a boy, this shark tail snuggie is also a wonderful Valentines gift for kids. Boys or girls will love to use this Snuggie Tails Shark Blanket that looks like they’re inside the mouth of a shark! These blankets are great for slumber parties or lazy Saturday’s at home.

Books are always a great gift to give to children, and they are sure to accumulate their favorite books that deal with a specific holiday or season throughout the years. This Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool book is perfect for boys or girls of a young age. They’ll be asking you to read this over and over during the month of February!

One of the best gifts you can give your child is something that involves them using their brain and their hands. LEGO’s are perfect for your children to create something they can be proud of once they finish, and this LEGO Cupid Dog is a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day.

Children love gifts they can use during specific holidays, but it’s even better when a gift they receive can be used throughout the year! These Heart Fashion Socks are the perfect for Valentine’s Day gift for kids because they can wear them any month out of the year!

As a parent, it can be so fun to dress up your child for a holiday. This Boy’s Valentine Shirt is a Valentine’s Day gift that will leave them looking like the cutest kid in the room!

One of the most fun activities for children seems to be creating art. Your child will love a Valentine Coloring Book that they can use to color to their heart’s content.

If your kid colors with coloring books or just on plain paper, this Crayola Art Case is a gift that will get you to be Parent of the Month. Complete with crayons, colored pencils and markers, this affordable gift is perfect for your creative child!

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Your Kids!!

If you’re feeling stumped about the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your child, this list should help you make the day a special one for your child.

What other ideas do you have for Valentine’s day with your child? Gifts? Activities? Foods? Party ideas? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Our favorite Valentine's Gifts for Kids


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