cleaning hacks for the kitchen

These kitchen cleaning hacks are hopefully going to make your cleaning time just a little shorter.

We all need to do a deep cleaning now and then, but adding in a cleaning hack is a fun way to make it a little more fun!
cleaning hacks for your kitchen
Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

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1- Lets start  with something as simple as a cutting board.    If you have a wooden cutting board, you can clean it up with a lemon!  Just slice a lemon in half and set it aside.   Pour a lot of salt onto your cutting board and now use the lemon just like it is a washcloth- scrub your cutting board using the lemon.   Lastly, scrape off all of the salt and lemon.  Rinse it with water.

2- If you have food caked on the microwave (food tends to explode in the microwave, doesn’t it?), you can remove it easily with just three ingredients:  water, lemon essential oil, sponge.    The best part is that it is all-natural!

Place a wet sponge inside of your microwave, spray the inside with water mixed with essential oils and microwave for two minutes.  Once the sponge is no longer hot, use it to wipe the inside of the microwave.  That’s it!

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3.  The Vspot  Blog  suggests cleaning your stovetop  burners with ammonia: Put the burners in a plastic ziploc, add 1/4 cup of ammonia then seal your bag shut.  Put the bag on a baking sheet (you don’t want the ammonia to run out and get on anything) and place it outside for the night.   The burners will be exposed to the fumes- they do not need to soak in it.  In the morning, still outside, open the bag and wipe them with a sponge.   You could also bring them inside and place them in soapy water for a minute.
PS- Never  ever  add bleach to this ammonia!  It will create fumes that are toxic.

4- To clean out your dishwasher, use vinegar as a kitchen cleaner.    To help remove the film left over from your dishwasher soap you can fill your rinse dispenser with vinegar and your dishes will come out squeaky clean.

5- Use Press n’ Seal wrap to keep your refrigerator clean.  Just lay it down on each shelf and when a spill occurs, you just remove the wrap and start over again!

7.   Mom4Real suggests using a lemon, cut in half and dipped in salt, to clean your sink and remove stains around the sink.

8.  If your  have grease on your stove or the hood of the oven, you can get rid of it with a simple little  little trick: Put a  couple drops of mineral oil on a paper towel. Wipe the paper towel over the dirty surface, and watch the gunk come right off.  (The Manly HouseKeeper suggests using Mineral oil, because it keeps it clean longer than Vegetable oil)

9. Give your kids some socks (put some on yourself, too) and start sock-mopping the kitchen floors!   This is such a fun little bonding activity that just happens to clean the kitchen, too!

10.  Make your own kitchen cleaner for your countertops and kitchen table.    It only takes two ingredients.  Just combine a 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of water in a spray bottle and you are set!

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