Home made candy for christmas

There is something about Christmas that makes me want to make and eat tons of treats!  We love Christmas Cookies and Home Made Candy.  

These are two dozen (plus) recipes of candies that you can quickly make to add something sweet to your holiday.


homemade candies


There is just something extra special about mint-y green! Whether you are hosting a Grinch party or just wanting to liven up your recipe with a bit of color,  Dark Chocolate Mint Bark pieces  are extra fun and delicious!

Chocolate potato chips ¦ and you thought that plain potato chips were addicting.  If you are as obsessed with potato chips as we are, then buckle up for these! Chips dipped in  chocolate!

Chocolate is full of antioxidants.  Mix it with another superfood for a tasty and healthy treat in Pomegranate Bark.

Use your crockpot to make this Triple Chocolate Fudge…do I need to say more?

Another healthy option is melted chocolate with antioxidant filled trail mix on top this is a healthy candy treat that will provide for guilt free snacking this time of year!

There is so much chocolate, salty and mint at Christmas time, liven it up and add some sticks of  Orange Nut Toffee  to add some tang to your Christmas Treats.


homemade candy recipes


These will be a clear favorite for your kids! These  clear sprinkled  pops are pretty on their own but when you add festive sprinkles of your choosing they look so bright and cheery you  almost want want to eat them!

All the kids love Minecraft so you’d win the parent of the year award with this Minecraft Creeper Chocolate recipe.

It doesn’t get much better than combining some of your favorites into one bite.  Layer oreos with a peanut butter cup and dip the whole thing into chocolate.  Yum.

Only six ingredients this is a must for any gathering. While we love the vintage look  of the rock candy, but the taste is definitely up-to-date and delicious as can be!

This English Toffee recipe is so easy to follow, and we  love  her idea of using a brownie bite pan to make it in. No more breaking toffee into tricky pieces, this way each little cube of toffee is perfect!

This crunchy toffee is amazing! Just the right touch of chocolate and nuts for a perfect old-timey treat.


27 homemade candy recipes


Just when you thought Oreos couldn’t get any better…learn how to dip them in chocolate and add just enough peppermint pieces to make them gorgeous and delicious!

Dark chocolate on the bottom, tasty vanilla on top and those adorable sprinkles on top! This Birthday Sprinkle Bark is a must-have for any part!

There is something extra great about  homemade peppermint patties. Maybe it’s that you can eat so many of them before you feel the need to quit, but we love this recipe for adorable and  tasty peppermint patties!

These Stripped Pretzel bites are easy to make and look super pretty on a Christmas Cookie plate.  They only take a few seconds to make too!

Tasty, squishy marshmallow snowman on a sled of peppermints. These cute treats would be perfect on their own or make a fun addition to the front of your best gingerbread house.

Some things are just too cute for words! This chocolate dipped marshmallow mug is definitely topping our “adorable” lists, with it’s adorable peppermint handle and the mini marshmallows on top. You will definitely be the talk of any Christmas party where you bring these!

Deliciously gummy these treats are made with applesauce and gelatin mix. With so many color, flavor and shape options, these homemade gumdrops would be fun treats for any time of year.

Grab  a pack of oreo  cookies, dip them in white chocolate and cover them with gorgeous sprinkles! Then put them on a stick for easy, mess-free eating!

Fudgy Oreo brownies.  SO tasty and your kids will love them!


Home made candy for christmas

Homemade marshmallows are THE BEST!  These are half-chocolate, half-vanilla.  Can’t wait to put this into a mug of hot coco.

Stop throwing those orange peels away! This is an AMAZING recipe  to make Candied Peels. Wonderfully sweet and tangy!

Oreos and marshmallows dipped in chocolate are already  fantastic, but the way they put these together and make a Chocolate  hat just blew us away!

Start with a mini pretzel, add their  amazing  caramel sauce, a pecan half and then top it all off with some chocolate and you have Turtle Pretzels a new favorite Christmas treat!

They say that Christmas Crack  is addictive and it’s no secret why! That chocolate, toffee with extra candies on top makes this a fun treat for Christmas!

This is such a quick and easy recipe! You don’t have to spend all day to make yummy caramel sticks  from home! Don’t worry, we won’t tell your relatives that it was microwave-made! You still get full credit on making from-scratch candy!

Let’s be real, this recipe had us as “chocolate covered” but these just take it to another level! They look like gorgeous truffles, but the inside are real cherries as well as a tasty cherry-flavored cream filling. Yummy!

Kisses, Pretzles and M&Ms – Oh my! This salty-sweet combination found in Rocky Road Fudge is always a crowd pleaser, and they are so easy to make! Even the smallest of kiddos can help stack the treats together to make this yummy and bite sized dessert.

Another version.  Rocky. Road. Fudge. Those three words really speak for themselves. The crunchy, the chewy, the CHOCOLATE. The only problem with this recipe is how quickly the goods seem to disappear after you make them!



Candy doesn’t get much better than the recipes above!  If you are looking for more tasty options consider:
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