toilet roll leprechaun

I Captured The King Of The Leprechauns!!

Being from Ireland I just couldn’t resist sharing a little bit of St Patrick’s Day crafting mischief with you, made with a humble toilet paper tube and scraps of paper! Your kids will love making this toilet roll leprechaun king and a group of his leprechaun friends for some Paddy’s Day shenanigans around the house xx

Caution!… have your kids keep their eyes peeled on this wee fella – Leprechauns are smart,  mischievous little  Faeries who ™ll do anything to escape capture, even if it means turning them into a frog!

toilet roll leprechaun

Preparing the materials:

toilet roll leprechaun
– a rectangle of green paper for the King’s suit (craft paper, crepe paper, wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper – whatever you have)
– a rectangle of orange paper for the beard with slits cut all along one side
– two longer strips of orange paper for the hair at either side of the beard
– a strip of gold paper cut into a crown shape

Curl the orange beard and hair strips around a pencil or pen to give it a lovely ‘bounce’

toilet roll leprechaun

Glue the green paper suit, beard and hair into position on the toilet paper tube.

toilet roll leprechaun

Glue on the crown
Draw little dots for the eyes, nose and mouth – I used a mini brown pom pom for the nose for added cuteness!!

toilet roll leprechaun

Happy crafting


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