Play with colors and create your own pretty art with this free printable rainbow coloring page. This is a fun printable rainbow craft is perfect  for any age!

Color, count or create some pretty art, this printable rainbow page can be used as a rainy day activity or a pretty wall art you frame and display somewhere fabulous. You can also cut out the rainbow and hang it from the ceiling.

Rainbow coloring page designed by Jen Goode

Rainbow Coloring Page

You can color with crayons or colored pencils or even pull out the paint to color your rainbow coloring page. We used water color pencils and water to paint our coloring page. This coloring page features a rainbow with 7 color stripes and 7 stars so you can practice colors and counting. Don’t forget to color in all the little dots too!

paint a rainbow coloring page

Printable Rainbow Coloring Page

I adore rainbows!  This coloring page is just the way to bring some color inside on a rainy day.

Use colored pencils to color your rainbow

Download of Rainbow for Kids

Coloring pages can be used in so many ways…you don’t have to just bring out the crayons!  We love using coloring pages in many ways.

Color the rainbow

CLICK HERE to download this free printable Rainbow Coloring Page

This free printable rainbow coloring page is the perfect activity for a rainy day, or any way.

Have fun counting colors, making pretty art or make some pretty decorations for a rainbow party. Have fun coloring!

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