Are your kids fidget spinner crazed? Of course they are! My kids each have one and they love playing with them. I’ll admit that even I can’t seem to keep my hands off the little thing. (And no, they aren’t taking them to school. They are an at-home toy for us.)

If your kids are asking you every day for a fidget spinner here are the coolest ones we’ve seen – and we’ve seen a lot (affiliates included)

10 Totally Cool Fidget Spinners Your Kids Will Want

This pink and blue camo spinner is really pretty and is fun to watch as it spins.

The gold fidget spinner just might be my favorite – so shiny!

If your kids are major Batman fans they will be in love with this one.

This has a really fun design and bright color and is a smaller size so it fits small hands.

The light up fidget spinners are so fun! This one has LED changing lights.

The complete circles are really cool, too. This one is made from stainless steel.

The red white and blue American flag is a fun option!

This galaxy fidget spinner is mesmerizing! I like watching the starry sky.

The solid black spinners are great if you really want to focus your attention elsewhere and not get distracted by cool designs.

This fidget spinner is a Captain America shield! How cool is that?

We hope you have a blast with your new fidget spinner!

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