Essential Oils to Help You Fall Asleep

Do you struggle with insomnia? Do you have trouble falling asleep at night, or find that you fall asleep quickly but can’t stay asleep? Do you toss and turn all night, or wake up too early and find yourself unable to fall back to sleep? Whatever your situation, it’s likely there are essential oils to help you fall asleep.

Essential Oils to Help You Fall Asleep

Essential Oils to Help You Fall Asleep

  1. Lavender – Most of us already know that lavender is helpful for sleep. It’s found in many sleep aids and lotions that you can get over the counter. It’s no big surprise then that lavender essential oils can be very helpful for sleep and relaxation.
  2. Roman Chamomile – This essential oil is well known for its soothing, calming, and relaxing properties. It’s great to include as part of your bedtime routine, to help you relax and unwind at the end of a long day.
  3. Ylang Ylang – This floral scent is great for improving the quality of your sleep. It can help you stay asleep longer and get more sleep each night, feeling more refreshed in the morning.
  4. Sandalwood – This oil has a rich, woodsy scent and it’s great for helping you fall asleep. You can use it alone, or as part of a sleep blend.
  5. Marjoram – While marjoram is popular for cooking, that’s not the only thing it’s good for. It can also help you relax your muscles and joints and get a more peaceful night of sleep.
  6. Cedarwood – Here’s another woodsy oil that blends well with sandalwood, or it can be used alone. It will help you relax your brain at the end of a long day and it can help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Essential Oils to Help You Fall Asleep

Now that you know what oils to use, do you know how to use them to help with sleep? Just like using essential oils for other purposes, there are different ways you can use them. Let’s take a look:


So, one of the most obvious ways to use them is topical. You will need to use a carrier oil to dilute them before putting them directly on your skin. Some people also like to make their own lotion out of the oil that helps them relax and sleep.


To receive the benefits of essential oils aromatically you must inhale the scent. Most commonly this is done by diffusing the oils in an essential oil diffuser. Other ways you can do this is by dabbing the scent on a kleenex or something else that you can bring to your nose and inhale.

We hope that you find these essential oils help with your quality of sleep. What works for one person may not work for another so it’s important that you experiment to see what works for you. Also, the essential oils to help you fall asleep right now might not work as well in a few months or years from now. You may need to mix up.

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