Summer is here!  Don’t let your kids be bored this summer! Get moving and be creative. Here are some Crazy Cool Summer Ideas!

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30 Fun Summer Ideas

Coolest Summer Activity Ideas

Balls!!  They are a blast and bubbles make them even better in this kiddie pool activity idea.  She did it with her preschoolers – my 9 year old thought it was a blast too!

Race with squirt guns!  You can see who can fill a cup up first, or string cups across your yard and squirt them along the line.  FUN!

Make some fizz.  This fizzing sidewalk paint recipe is a blast!  Whip together some baking soda with bubble juice and clean up with vinegar.

Transform some sponges into a water bomb.  Play hot potato with your water filled sponge ball.  

Celebrate the colors of the rainbow with a little science.  Make the rainbow blocks ahead of time.

Stay Cool with kids this summer

Sponges are fun as a necklace.  String them to help keep your kids cool outside.
Make your own pool toys.  This kids summer activity  made boats from soda bottles.
Summer art project – you can pain outside, with your squirt gun.

30 Fun ideas for summer

Activity Ideas for Summer

Ice cubes are always fun in the summer – add paint for a colorful day of decorating the sidewalk.  It will wash off.

If you have a sandbox or go to a park that does, bring along some supplies for a kids play date at the park, make a volcano.  Perk: The vinegar will help kill bugs and bacteria in your sand!

Don’t just make sand castles!  Bring along water color paint and decorate your sand castles  with some color!

Make a batch of kinetic sand – all you need is some slime and play sand.  This stuff is a blast – half play dough, half wet sand.

Watch it soar!  For a fun rainy day summer activity, make a set of flying contraptions from cardboard tubes and straws.

These bugs are super cute and easy to make with leftover plastic easter eggs.

summer activity ideas

How to make Summer FUN for kids.

Play a game of outdoor water pinata or even darts (if your kids are older).  Hang balloons filled with water down for your kids to bop.

Make a zipline in your backyard.  You will be the talk of the neighborhood, promise!

Go on a bug hunt.  If your kids love “nature” they will love the summer kids activity of making a bug house and collecting specimins to live in their mini-buggy-hotel.

Now this is AWESOME!  Make a giant slingshot to use with balls.  Next build a tower with shipping boxes – it’s a backyard game of angry birds!

On the list for next year – make a summer hideaway – grow a sunflower house!

memory making ideas

Crazy Fun Ideas for Kids

Bubbles!  They are a blast!  A Classic Summer Activity.  Make a batch with this fail-proof recipe.

Ropes can be a ton of fun.  String some around your yard to create a silly obstacle course – OR make a “rope bridge”.  Learning and memories!

With sticks, yarn and a washer you can have a blast this summer making giant bubbles.  These are huge!

Go big with board games and bring them to the back yard with a pair of giant dice!

Got a kiddo with a lot of personality?  For a fun summer activity, let them wear it with these DIY Designed Clothes.


summer of fun

Making the moments count

Make foot prints!  Your kids will doing this with paint on their flip flops!  They made animal prints similar to these.  It will wash off  the sidewalk eventually!

At the beach this year, bring some plaster and make casts of your kids hands.  Adorable!  And something you will cherish!

Another favorite – reminds me of a waterbed!  For an unusual summer activity, make your own “bladder” and a water blob for your kids to wallow in.

AND… free the toys!  Give your kids some tools, and their toys – frozen in a block of ice.  Watch as they chisel their treasures free.


What are you doing with your kids this summer?

Come by our Quirky Momma facebook page and show us pictures of your kids and their favorite activities.  If you are a blogger, leave a link to something fun you’ve tried with your kids.  We would love to hear about it!

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