13 Letter D Activities

We are learning all about the letter D with these fun and education letter D activities. The letter D stands for lots of our kids favorite things, dinosaurs, dragons, dogs and donuts! Your little ones will love these activities.

13 Letter D Activities

13 Letter D Activities

D is for Duck!  This is a fun craft for kids to make with the letter D.

Make your own letter puzzle matching the uppercase and lowercase d with index cards. via Love and Marriage

Make a letter D  dinosaur! Every kids favorite animal.  via Fun With Mama

This  dragon  is super fun to make from a lowercase d. via From ABC’s to ACT’s

Fill an empty letter D with  dots  for a colorful activity.  via Discover Explore Learn

Make letter D  drums! via Little Family Fun

Grab these  free letter D worksheets  for some fun letter practice.

Make your own dog peeking from a letter D  doghouse! via Crystal and Co.13 Letter D Activities

Practice writing your letters with  salt writing. via in My World

Here are some great tips to help teach the difference between lowercase b and d. via My TeachingStation

Make a letter D  dalmation  puppy – so cute! via The Teaching Zoo

These  letter D coloring pages  are a fun way to learn about the letter D.via Sight and Sound Reading

D is for dinosaur dig. Make fossils and mark them with the letter D. via Learning for Kids

Fun With Letters Preschool Alphabet Resource

Fun With Letters

Continue your Letter C learning by signing up for our email series Fun With Letters. This preschool alphabet resource is full of activities, worksheets and coloring pages.

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