Today we’re doing some fun letter F activities!  My kids love all the animals that go with this letter like foxes, flamingos, fish and frogs.

These ideas are a fun way to learn a new letter.

12 Letter F Activities

12 Letter F Activities

This cute fox is made from the letter F! Just add a few accessories.

F is for feather! Fill a blank letter E with feathers for a fun craft. via No Time For Flash Cards

Play this fun fish letter sorting game to work on upper and lowercase F’s. via HubPages

Make an American flag letter F with construction paper. via The Princess and the Tot

12 Letter F Activities

This adorable craft flower is made from a lowercase F! via Our Country Road

Work on the letter F with your kids by using these free printable worksheets.

Make a fire F with red and yellow tissue paper. via I Can Teach My Child

F is for feet! Draw a huge sidewalk chalk F and walk your footprints in it with water or chalk paint. via HubPages

Use this printable to make this cute  flower. via Living Montessori Now

Make this cute green frog from the letter F. via Crystal and Co.

12 Letter F Activities

Grab these free letter F coloring pages featuring a fish, feet and a fly. via Learning 2 Walk

We love this cute letter F flamingo with pink feathers! via Pinterest

Fun With Letters Preschool Alphabet Resource

Fun With Letters

Continue your Letter F learning by signing up for our email series Fun With Letters. This preschool alphabet resource is full of activities, worksheets and coloring pages.

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