21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

A bucket full of sand, the prettiest shells, rocks worn smooth by the waves, as much driftwood as your pockets will hold – wonderfully free natural beach finds so perfect for timeless, treasured craft activities. Continue reading to see and take inspiration from 21 of the best beach crafts on Kids Activities Blog.

21 beach crafts

Seashell Craft Pets

The very best beach fun with googly eyes by Simple As That. Never leave home without a bag of googly eyes!
Make sure you photograph their creations!

Spin Art Rocks

Glorious glorious color popping art activity for children of all ages using deliciously smooth beach stones.
See how to make on MeriCherry
21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Driftwood Weaving Or A Little Raft For Shell People!

I just ADORE driftwood, and I ADORE this cute little weaving craft idea from theredthread. I need to make some right now!

Color-Blocked Driftwood Crafts

Gorgeous neon painted driftwood sticks from the beach – turn them into color-popping necklaces or mobiles.
Hop on over to Armelle on lessthanperfectparents to see how to make.

21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Ripped Tissue Paper Collage

Gorgeous mixed media collage art activity for the kids to create with their hoard of beach finds via Joy Of My Life. You should check out her butterflies and insects made with shells in the same post.

Beach Stone Photo Holders

What a neat idea! so simple for holding precious drawings and photos. via garden mama

21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Seashell Craft Necklace

It’s fun searching for shells with holes in them. Just loop, knot and layer for pretty gorgeous results.
via theredthread

Shell Dolls

Wooden stick people with glitter shell skirts – what’s not to love! via letsdosomethingcrafty

21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Rainbow Sea Shells

Gorgeous backyard activity with leftover egg dye – a little science and discovery activity that can be easily turned into colorful artwork and sea shell jewelry when dry. See how to make on theeducatorsspinonit

sea shell dying from The Educator's Spin On It

Sea Shell Snails – adorable!

They’re just too easy and cute made with shells, pipe cleaners and pom poms!! Go have a look now on MeetTheDubians

Clay Sculptures

Such a sweetheart of an activity for small hands with just a bucket of sand, shells and some clay. via Buzzmills

21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Salt Dough Shell Fossils

Beautiful homemade fossils and nature print keepsakes via The Imagination Tree

Memory Craft: Shells

How lovely for children to create something special as a reminder of their fun family vacation. Check out this sweet plaster of paris and shell craft activity from Kids Activities Blog

21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Sea Shell Stepping Stones

What a precious idea for fairy gardens and magic steps to a playhouse – if you put your ear to the path you’ll hear the sea!! by buzzmills

Exploring Sea Shells

A fun, sensory clay and seashell craft via B-InspiredMama. Your kids will have fun exploring the impressions that the seashells made when pressing them in the clay.

21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Beach Themed Sensory Box

If you don’t have a sandbox, or room for a sandbox in your backyard then this is just the perfect sensory activity idea for your little ones. via buggyandbuddy

Beach Treasure Hunt Ice Tower

Fun frozen excavation activity with your treasured beach finds via little binsforlittlehands

21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Sandy Handprints

How can you take home and treasure something as ephemeral as a footprint in the sand, or the smallness of your child’s hand the day that she first saw the Atlantic Ocean? find out here on craftingagreenworld

Mermaid or Fairy Cups. Oh the cuteness!

Sea Shells, pipe cleaners  and craft glue via zingzingtrees

21 beach crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Painted Sea Shells

She Paints Sea Shells  by the Sea Shore… such a simple and engaging activity via pinkandgreenmama

Make Your Own Seashell Necklace

There’s nothing that says summer more than wearing a pretty seashell necklace around your neck. See how easy they are to make here on KidsActivitiesBlog

Make your own seashell necklace

Happy Beach Crafting





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