Valentines for School

We’ve found the best  Kids Valentines for School  on the web and wanted to share some of our favorites with you. With school parties coming soon, this list has all that you need to make Valentine’s Day treats that your kids can’t wait to share with their friends.

We even have Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for you to download too!

Valentines for School

Do your kids get excited to share Valentines with their friends? Mine do! We love getting ready for Valentine’s Day class parties and deciding on the perfect treat to hand out to their friends.

Kids Valentines for School

Kids Valentines For School Without Candy

Make your own  Heart Crayons  that kids will love. via The Nerd’s Wife

Attach watercolor paints  to a cute printable.  via Smart School House

These  LEGO Valentines  could be made with spare bricks from around the house! via Kid Things

What kid wouldn’t be excited about  Play-Doh Valentines!? via  The Nerd’s Wife

Homemade  friendship bracelets  are perfect for teen and tweens.  via Dandee

How cute are these  bubble Valentines!?  via The Nerd’s Wife

Personalized spoons are the perfect addition to  cereal Valentines.  via Giggles Galore

Who couldn’t use a spare notebook  — perfect for school!  via Three Different Directions

Make your own  finger paint  for an awesome candy alternative. via  Dukes & Duchesses

I love these  handmade chalkboard Valentines.  via Dukes & Duchesses

Turn  glowsticks into Cupid’s Arrow Valentines!  via  Mommy Gaga

Try something different with  Printable Tattoo Valentines.  via Small + Friendly

How awesome are these  Glow Stick Valentines!?  via Smart School House

Kids Candy Valentines for School

Make your own  Valentine’s Day Gumball Machine.  via Meet the Dubiens

Every kid could use a  Ring Pop.  via Dukes & Duchesses

Make  Valentines in a Can  with just a few supplies. via  Dukes & Duchesses

Wrap up Rolos for these  You’re The Bomb Valentines.  via That Bald Chick

Print out tags and attach to  M&Ms for a cute candy valentine  idea.  via The Nerd’s Wife

Add Skittles to these  Rainbow Valentines  for a colorful card. via Pen & Paper Flowers

Attach tags to  Pop Rocks for a rockin’ Valentine’s  Day cards.  via Simple As That

LOVE these super cute  Rock Candy  Valentines.  via Meaningful Mama

Add  gumballs to a tube  for this adorable idea.  via Smart School House

Swedish Fish  in a fish bowl are so cute for school!  via Faboolous

Everyone loves  Lollipop Valentines.  via  Alice Golden

Glue playing cards to construction paper for an easy idea. via Thrifty Jinxy

How cute are these frog Valentines? via Desert Chica


Non Candy Valentines for School

What boy wouldn’t love  Lightning McQueen Valentines?!  via The Nerd’s Wife

How awesome is this  Melting Heart Slime?  via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Attach this cute print out to  crazy straws  for a cute class idea.  via Simplistically Living

Paint a rock for a handmade Valentines gift.

A make your own s’mores  kit  is a great idea for kids.  via Roubinek Reality

Love Bug Valentines  are so adorable! via Dandee Designs

Make  You Rule Valentines  with old rulers.  via Relocated Living

Attach Cupid’s arrows to  applesauce pouches  for a cute class Valentine. via The Nerd’s Wife

What kid wouldn’t want some  Doughnut Hole Valentines?  via Hands On As We Grow

I want some of these  Edible Scrabble Valentines for myself! via Positively Splendid

How about a healthy alternative with  Cheese Stick Valentines?!  via Bless This Mess

Grab some microwave popcorn for these cute cards. via See Vanessa Craft

Fruit Strip Valentines  are a great store-bought alternative for  homemade treats. via  Between U and Me

Peas and Carrots Valentines  — veggies kids will actually want to eat!  via Cupcake Cuties Designs

These bouncy ball cards make my heart bounce! via Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night

Kool Aid Valentines are super cool. via Pink Peppermint Design


Printable Valentines for School

I’m a Big Fan  of cute cards.  via Classic Play

Add candy hearts to  Robot Valentines  for an easy Valentine.  via The Nerd’s Wife

How cute are these  Valentines Card Sets!?  via Totally the Bomb

Kids will love coloring these  Big Hero 6 Valentines!  via Desert Chica

Print out these  Rainbow Heart Spinners  and attach to a pencil for a fun idea! via Kids Stuff World

These  Valentine’s Day Maze  printables are adorable.  from Jenn’s RAQ

What will you win with  Scratch-off Valentines?!  via Teach Mama

Just add a pencil.  via Living Locurto

I love these  Paper Airplane Valentines!  via No Biggie

How cute are these  Blowing Love Your Way  cards? via  Red Ted Art

Just add a bag of chips. via My 3 Monsters


Valentines Kids Will Want To Give Friends

Just add watercolor to reveal the  secret message!  via  Small + Friendly

Play  Tic-Tac-Toe  with actual Tic-Tacs! Cute!  via Nest of Posies

Add Starburst candies to make these  You’re a Star Valentines.  via The Taylor House

Let’s be  Nerds Together, ok?  via Capital B

Give classmates something they can play with —  Kinetic Sand Valentines.  via Smart School House

Handmade Valentines Envelopes  made from felt are so cute! via  Let’s Lasso The Moon

All the  cool kids will love these Valentines.  via A Night Owl Blog

Print your own  Bunny Valentines Cards.

Cute Valentines  are just a click away. via Remaking June Cleaver

Who wouldn’t love some  Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards?!  via Digital Mom Blog

Just add crayons to these  Tic Tac Toe Valentines  for a fun game.  via Easy Green Mom

These  Class Valentines  are simply adorable. via Living Locurto

XBox aficionados  will love these  Gamer Valentines.  via Living Locurto

Who wouldn’t want to make your own  paper dolls.  via Skip to My Lou

How about some punch balloon Valentines? via  Paint Brushes and Popsicles


Valentines for Boys for School

Add a bouncy ball to this super cute planet printable card for your space lovers.

Turn a store-bought card into a cute box of chocolate.

Cute dinosaur toys make adorable Valentines for boys. via  Hello Design Meet Life

Love is a Battlefield  and these cards show  it!  via Love and Marriage Blog

Monsters don’t have to be scary with these cute cards.  via Just a Girl and Her Blog

These  LEGO Movie Valentines  are awesome, literally! via Carrie Elle

Star Wars Valentines  meet Angry Birds in these cute cards. via Carrie Elle

LEGO minifigure Valentines are perfect for LEGO fans. via Michelle Paige

Print and go with these  Superhero Cards.  viaGeneration of Savings

Wrap a stick of gum to create  Minecraft Creeper Valentines. via  Simple As That

Minion fans will love these adorable cards. via  Three Different Directions

Print and hand out cute  Minecraft Valentines.  via Digital Mom Blog

Add a banana to these  Minion Valentines  that kids will love. via  Busy Mom’s Helper

I mustache you a question — will your boys love these? via I Can Teach My Child

How about an erupting volcano Valentine? via Fun at Home With Kids

We “wheelie” like these car valentines. via C.R.A.F.T.

Super hero masks are a cute candy alternative! via East Coast Mommy


Valentines for Girls for School

Let’s be  band besties, ok?

Teens will love  manicure Valentines cards.  via The Nerd’s Wife

How adorable are these  butterfly Valentines?!  via Skip To My Lou

Love is an Open Door  for Frozen fans. via Smart School House

Who need a pedicure with these  Toe-tally Awesome Valentines.  via Simply Kierste

Read my lips — these valentines are awesome!  via Tinker With Ink

You’re the Balm when you make these Valentines.  via Everyday Savvy

We LOVE these  Glitter Rock Valentines!  via The Artful Parent

Get eco-conscious with  Sunflower Seed Packets.  via Curly Bird

Make your own  Heart Soap for a cute Valentine’s  Day idea.  via Dukes & Duchesses

How cute are these  Frozen Valentines!?  via Simple As That

You can never have too many nail polish Valentines. via The Crafted Sparrow

Combine science with fun with Love potion Valentines. via Mommy’s Bundle

Kids can make these lollipop flowers themselves. via Mum in the Madhouse


100 Class Valentines for Kids

Printable Valentines Cards

Don’t miss even more lovely homemade Valentines and  goofy Valentines for boys. And be sure to share a photo of your Valentine’s Day creations over on our Facebook page.

Get your free printable Valentine’s Day cards below!

Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards

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