16 Smart School Lunch Hacks

Packing a lunch for school every day of the year can get monotonous and time consuming. We want to share with you some of our favorite ways to make it easier on mom and more fun for the kids! After all, we want our mornings to be as stress-free as possible! (affiliates included)

16 Smart School Lunch Hacks

16 Smart School Lunch Hacks

Wet and freeze a sponge to make your own DIY lunch box ice pack.

Use this quick hack to drain the juice out of kids mandarin oranges cups. via Your Modern Family

Keep a pre-sliced apple from browning by wrapping it in plastic wrap. via Krazy Coupon Lady

Or keep them together with a rubber band! via A Helicopter Mom

Send kids to school with warm lunches like macaroni or ravioli by using a kid-friendly Thermos jar. It’s also awesome for keeping food cold like fresh fruit!

Cut sandwiches into fun bite-sized pieces with a Fun Bites cutter.

Quickly make two weeks worth of sandwiches at once and freeze them so they are ready each morning. via The Pinning Mama

Use your juice box as an ice pack! Just keep them frozen and they will keep the food cool while it de-thaws during the day. via Passion for Savings

Learn how to easily print lunch box notes onto a sticky note.

16 Smart School Lunch Hacks

Save money on applesauce pouches by making your own at home with reusable pouches.

If your kids love smoothies they can totally take them to school! Follow this tutorial to make lunch box smoothies.

Make your own DIY lunchables that go perfect in a mason jar! via Smart School House

Paint the inside of a tin lunch box with chalkboard paint so you can leave fun notes inside everyday! via Scissors and Spatulas

The BentGo box has lots of compartments for food and is completely leak proof.

Make an epic lunch packing station like this one to make mornings so much easier. via Design Improvised

Save a ton of money on juice boxes by buying one Drink In The Box. It’s a reusable, plastic juice box container so you can make your own.

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