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We found all the best family organization stations out there!  It’s that time of year again, when schedules change – your family’s needs change – and you suddenly realize that you aren’t prepared.  You realize how life would be so much easier if you were just organized?

These will help.  Promise.
Ideas to get organized

Help to Get Organized

Toys are taking over the house!  If you have a hard time corraling all the gismos and treasures that your kids love, check out these tips on keeping toys organized.

Make a shelf with this nifty DIY organization tutorial to keep the back of your minivan organized and neat.

Who says you need to spend a lot on organization “tools” and fancy boxes?  Check out this Homemade homework station fashioned out of cereal boxes and cardboard tubes.

Keep track of your kids chores!  A wall clip set is perfect to let kids know what chores they still have to do and which ones are finished

Getting ready station – cause sometimes instructions need to be obvious!  This is perfect.  Everything that your kids need to get ready, all in one place.  Here are another 20 ways that you can organize your bathroom to make your home run more smoothly.

kitchen organization station ideas

Family Organization Stations

Back to school can be so chaotic!  Make it easier with a lunch bin.  Your kids can go and grab the “ingredients” of their lunch and pack it themselves!  Don’t forget to sneak in  a  page of  jokes for your kids to read over their meal!

It’s more than just lunches though, if you are like me evenings and meals are stressful due to the chaos in the pantry too – here are some easy ways to organize your pantry.

This is simply genius!  Have you ever menu planned and then wanted to switch the meals around at the last minute?  This is a brilliant meal organization system.  Use post-it notes for a more flexible “plan”.

Household binders are amazing!  They will help you organize in more ways than you could imagine.  Here is a binder method that can help your family.

Glue some magnets to the backs of cups and now you have a drink station.  Have your kids put the cups back on the fridge after they get their drinks.

Packing your kids lunch is a chore.  Here are some tips on how to organize and plan your kids lunches – including adding a frozen sponge to make after-lunch cleanup easier.

organize kids learning 2

Tips and Tricks for an Ordered Home

In your family’s “command center” don’t forget to feature your kids successes!  I love how this site has a clipboard for the individual papers and schedules of specific kids, but also a “feature” spot for each kiddo!

Get your kids in the “mood” to work with the help of a School Organization Station.  All the things you could need to work are in one place!  All that is missing is a lego desk organizer!

If you don’t have space for a nifty school “wall” or a desk area, you can still be organized for learning, transform a milk crate into a school station.

organize kids learning

Get Organized

Who wants to be limited to doing homework in one place, one desk, one house?  Make the world, or at least your backyard your classroom with this wooden school caddy.

If you are on the road a bunch with your kids, doing errands and going between destinations, think about putting together some  car pouches.  You can have one for homework, one for first aid, one with card games, etc.

If your family schedule is as chaotic as ours, you will love this color coding system.  It makes it a breeze to see who and when!

chalkboard wall organization full size

If you do have the luxury of a lot of space, this idea is simply brilliant!  Make a giant calendar.  Everyone knows what the schedule is with just a glance.  {Home photo is from HGTV House Tours}

Classrooms, whether in the school or even at home, will benefit from this collection of organizing tips and tricks.


How to organize a home

Cause a tot on the go, needs her accessories and bordum prevention measures!  This kid-sized messenger bag is a great idea for the younger siblings who are stuck waiting in the bus line each afternoon.

What a great “homework destination” zone.  Kids can see their schedule and tasks on the chalkboard and grab whatever rools they need to get their work done.

Pretend Play station – check it out!  This play space is easy to fold for storage and can be anything and everything from a shop zone, to a grocery store!

Ready to organize the entire house?  We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families!



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