12 Letter H Activities

We’re learning the letter H! I’ve gathered a bunch of fun letter H activities to do with your kids. Most of these crafts just look like fun and that is the best way to learn.

I’m excited to get crafting some of my favorite letter H things like hippos and hot air balloons!

12 Letter H Activities

12 Letter H Activities

Turn an uppercase H into a hippo! This is my kids favorite animal – so fun!

H is for horse. This fun craft turns a construction paper letter H into a horse. via Miss Maren’s Monkeys

Use your handprints to make a yellow beehive! via Pinterest

Cut out red hearts from paper and fill up a letter H. H is for hearts! via I Can Teach My Child

Make this fun hot air balloon from a paper plate. via Brilliant Beginnings Preschool

Or try making a hot air balloon from a cupcake liner! via I Heart Crafty Things

12 Letter H Activities

Use these great letter H free printables to practice.

Make a Hermit crab with your handprint – this is so cute! via Diapers to Diplomas

Use a paper plate to make this adorable hedgehog! via Fiche Maternelle

Make a hamburger! Use construction paper to build your own hamburger. via Pinterest

12 Letter H Activities

Practice writing the letter H with these playdough mats. via In My World

Make a construction paper helicopter with cotton ball clouds. via Ducks in a Row

Fun With Letters Preschool Alphabet Resource

Fun With Letters

Continue your Letter H learning by signing up for our email series Fun With Letters. This preschool alphabet resource is full of activities, worksheets and coloring pages.

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