A few years ago headlines screamed when Pew reported that 40 percent of families with kids were headed by breadwinner moms. This is a prickly social shift: On one hand, hooray for gender equality! On the other, swarms of anecdotes from both men and women quickly reveal that this result of the feminist revolution is rife with as many challenges as there are joys: Divorce rates soar when women earn more than their husbands, men are more likely to cheat if they are financially dependent on their female romantic partner, and the more professionally successful wives are, the more house- and child-care they perform.

This episode explores both the complications of this enormous culture shift, as well as offers practical advice for navigating romance, social expectations, and that working-mom guilt that seems to plague breadwinner moms more than others.

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This is a special episode from the Working Moms Mean Business series, brought to you in partnership with BBVA Compass. I am so proud to be part of this project that explores the triumphs and challenges of professional moms (after all, 70 percent of moms with children under age 18 work!).

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working mom guilt

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