Owl family made from cupcake liners

Adorable cupcake liner owls and a skip-counting game to go along with them.

I just love all the irresistible  owl crafts  that are popping up all over the internet now that the fall crafting season has arrived.

Today we’re making an adorable owl craft of our own.  These cupcake liner owls go along with a skip-counting game  that your child can play when learning to count by twos.  Our owls are super-cute, and they’re quick and easy to make, with just a few simple supplies.

Owl family made from cupcake liners

To make your cupcake liner owls, you’ll need:

First you’re going to need some cupcake liners of course!  I chose colourful liners in two sizes.  I grabbed mine at the bulk food store, but you can get them at the grocery store or dollar store too.  You could even use plain cupcake liners, and have your child decorate them with crayons, paint or markers.

coloured, patterned cupcake liners

Next, you’ll need a handful of craft supplies:

googly eyes, foam shapes, glue stick

  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • googly eyes
  • craft foam or card stock (for the beaks and feet)

To make your owls:

Start by flattening out your cupcake liner, coloured side facing down.

Fold one side of your liner, almost to the middle, angling the fold a little, so the top of the folded cupcake liner will be a little wider than the bottom.

Repeat with the the other side of the liner.

Fold the top quarter of the cupcake liner down.

making a cupcake liner owl, step-by-step

Now you’ll have something that looks like this.  It’s starting to resemble an owl already isn’t it?

cupcake liner folded to look like an owl

Next, have your child glue on googly eyes, and a beak that you’ve cut from a piece of craft foam (or construction paper or card stock).

Adding eyes and beak to cupcake liner owl

For the owl’s feet, we cut small foam flowers in half.  They kind of resemble talons, don’t they?

And, that’s all there is to it, my friends!  Your cupcake liner owls are complete!  Aren’t they sweet?

pink cupcake liner owl

Now, find some twigs to perch your owl family on, glue them in place, and check out that skip-counting game I was talking about!

You’re ready to play!

muffin liner owls for skip counting game





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