Nicole Smith, founder and CEO of Flytographer, with one of her sons.

The number of women represented in technology jobs, and venture capital firms and startup CEOs, is dismal. But these field are ballooning in demand for skilled workers, and many positions — remote and from home work — are often excellent fits for parents. And by ‘parents,’ I of course mean moms.

In this episode, I interview Scarlett Sieber, former Senior Vice President of New Digital Businesses at BBVA and former Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of tech startup Infomous, who frequently speaks on topics of innovation, women and tech.

Also, we hear from single mom Nicole Smith, founder and CEO of Flytographer, a travel photography startup, and three years later is reports multiple 7-figures in revenue. We talk about:

  • The importance of mentors of both genders, and how to find one (and be one)
  • The realities and myths about startup life and work-life balance
  • Why moms are so great at innovation
  • When to take the risk and quit your cushy corporate job, and start your own company
  • Why the lack of diversity in technology is a fantastic opportunity for women

Learn more about moms in tech here.

This is a special episode from the Working Moms Mean Business series, brought to you in partnership with BBVA Compass. I am so proud to be part of this project that explores the triumphs and challenges of professional moms (after all, 70 percent of moms with children under age 18 work!).

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