Eggs are one of the most common breakfast items for many families. We eat eggs almost every morning. Understandably it gets boring after a while and it gets harder to get kids to eat a healthy and nutritious egg breakfast.

Mama has to get creative. That’s why I sat down and found the best egg recipes for kids. I had 3 criteria: healthy, easy to make and cute to look at.

I will admit – not all of these egg recipes are easy to make, but you can always improvise and make it your way.

egg recipes for kids

1.Healthy Egg Flatbread Pizza. No kid will say NO to this! via lajollamom

2. Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad. What a fun idea! via hungryhappenings

3. Giraffe lunch. via

4. Sleepy bear in an egg blanket. It’s too cute, I wouldn’t be able to eat. via fancy-edibles

5.   Egg mushrooms. via roxyskitchen

egg recipes

6. Avocado egg recipe for healthy breakfast. via aponstingsblog

7. Egg penguins are really hard to resist. You will make your child’s morning! via roxyskitchen

8. Easter bunny face made from eggs. via roxyskitchen

9. Make egg and cheese sandwich.   via chefmom.sheknows

10. Micky Mouse egg sandwich. via bsinthekitchen

recipes with eggs for kids

11. Poached eggs in a potato and cheddar cheese nest. via

12. Easy baked egg, ham and cheese via kidsactivitiesblog

13. Deviled egg dip. Oh, ok – it’s egg salad. via thepigandquill

14. Hearty breakfast. Literally. Perfect for Valentine or Birthday Breakfast. via taradennis

15. Egg Muffins with veggies. via seevanessacraft

egg recipes kids

16. Make a egg bowl from crescent dough. via hungryhappenings

17. Jello eggs made in real egg shells. via justataste

18. Simple but very cute boiled egg presentation. A bee. via kwbentodiary

19. Egg snowman. via roxyskitchen

20. Breakfast sandwich monster. via kidsactivitiesblog


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