Gender Reveal Ideas

Announcing details of your pregnancy is always fun, and we love these unique gender reveal ideas! The excitement of sharing if your baby will be a boy or girl is something you’ll want to share with everyone, so why not make it extra special?

Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas

Fill a black balloon with blue or pink confetti for the big reveal! via Happiness is Homemade

Serve confetti Oreos with pink or blue chocolate. via Sprinkles for Breakfast

How fun is this colored powder gender reveal?! via Grey Likes Baby

Give friends and family squirt guns filled with blue or pink — and have them shoot the parents-to-be! via Macon Photography

Gender reveal cookies are fun AND tasty! via Craft Storming

Make a fun chart that compares the old wives tales for the pregnancy. via All Things Katie Marie

This sibling gender reveal is a fun way to get the whole family involved! via Life Your Way

“Pop the Belly” with paint filled balloons and darts! So fun! via Smudge Blog

How adorable is this gender reveal party sign?! via Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour

Have party guests sign an ultrasound with a blue or pink pen to record their guess. via Blessed Beyond Words

Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

Put pink or blue balloons in a box and open it to let everyone see. via Jennifer Allwood

Break open this gender reveal ball — an explosion of blue or pink dust will reveal the surprise.

Make a giant pull string piñata to drop colored confetti. via Funny Beautiful

Drop fizzy tablets into champagne to reveal pink or blue. The perfect way to toast your new baby! via Gender Reveal

Fill a box with confetti and pull it open! via Russell Martin Photography

Share the news with a cute sibling photo. via Simple Suburbia

Unique gender reveal ideas

These adorable DIY onesies are another creative way to celebrate your new baby. Have you done a gender reveal? Share it with us on our Facebook page!


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