I’m starting my own creative business. What does this mean? 
This means that if I read that book correctly, I will be rich in just four hours a week without doing any actual work myself… I probably didn’t read it right, though. In fact, it’s most likely the opposite. Why am I doing this? I like things that require money to operate, like air-conditioning in August, the government and a dishwasher. I like working on a multiple of clients with different needs and problems. I like a flexible schedule and I like to see my kids while they are awake…sometimes. They are pretty cute when they are asleep. I also already have some clients, and it would be weird leaving them high and dry. And moreover, why the hell not?

Here are some more FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS you can find the same questions on my FAQ page of my website.

What will you be doing?
Well, I’m going to stretch my abilities and test my Apple to its limits. This includes: Wordpress websites, Blogger redesigns, graphic work, Photoshop requests, logo design, writing, designer-for-hire retainer contracts, agency work, book covers, book jackets, writing, social media management, blog writing, unsolicited advice and consulting, and general problem solving. If I don’t know something, I figure it out.

Who will be working with you?
Nobody and everybody. I am a one-person design agency, so I work by myself at a coffee shop where I silently imagine scandalous stories about my fellow latte drinkers. I work WITH my clients through whichever medium of communication that best works for them, whether that be in-person meetings, phone conversations, text messages or more-often-than-not long, gaudy email messages sent at 1 a.m.

How can I help?
(FYI – nobody has asked me this yet, let alone “asked me frequently,” but my false sense of entitlement is confused by your lack of asking this question.) You can help by telling your non-crazy friends about me; people who are easily impressed and have lots of money to spend would be ideal, or you could like my Facebook page. Generally, I’m not picky right now. I’ll design your yellow page ads if I need to. You may want to call and get grandfathered into my current hourly rate, since there’s no telling where my false sense of entitlement can take me.

What happened to your old job? is an awesome company bridging the gap between local neighborhood readers and small businesses wanting to manage their online marketing. You should go get on that bandwagon. They decided that they no longer want to spend time/resources doing websites, which is my main specialty and was 60% of my job over there. The other 40% is split between frivolously telling my bosses what to do and web banners for small businesses. BubbleLife still needed a solution for clients that wanted web design so they are the driving force and my main encouragement for starting my own business and hopefully a steady source of freelance. A.K.A. We still love each other.

Are you scared?
Yep. I’m not scared that I can’t find stuff to do; I truly think I can woo my design skills into the hearts of many. I design with bears and zombies — who wouldn’t want that? What I’m scared of is that my computer will be too slow or my files will suddenly implode, that I can’t help a client with my current abilities, that margarita will spill on my mac, that my self-diagnosed-creative-induced A.D.D. will become problematic, and that the supply of coffee will dwindle. That is where the power of prayer can help. Jesus can turn water into coffee and perform all the other miracles I may need in order to pay my bills and help my clients.

Why Duck Soap Box Creative?
WARNING: This is not a funny or intelligent answer. So, years ago in my younger, more naïve days, I had a blog that had no purpose (still doesn’t) that I had intended to act as my personal soap box for me to speak my mind and share my feelings on politics or religion. I was going be a famous writer…then I realized I wasn’t qualified to do that. I also like ducks. I kept the name because I didn’t want to lose any branding recognition with my seven readers. This blog is still active.

Where can I reach you? will always be the best way to reach me.

But, since its 2014:
Professional-Crystal is on LinkedIn.
Sarcastic-Crystal is on Twitter.

Mommy-Crystal is on Instagram.
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