I smelt it. It was way early Saturday morning – so early that I actually still consider it Friday night. I was just getting in bed and I smelled my pillow – no I hadn’t just washed my sheets – I’m embarrassed as to when that might have been last – and the window wan't open but I smelt fall. This sounds so weird as I write it that my nose can smell a season starting but mine can. I flippin love fall and especially October. The weather is so damn perfect, like sit-outside-in-a-hammock-drinking-pumpkin-something-and-thinking-damn-I’m-in-great-shape-for-flannel-season perfect. So welcome fall. I know that summer still hasn’t left, but I’m super duper nerdy-glad you have arrived. 

I love fall more than Christmas, but seriously there is no crazy shopping or a holiday that incubates a sense of Martha Stewart responsibility. Halloween is a chill holiday in comparison to the elf-on-a-shelf-untangle-lights-get-a-tree-mail-the-Christmas-card responsibilities. There is a no bathing suits, and no crazy-ass-egg-laying bunny. I LOVE IT. Also even tho Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and July 4th are super over commercialized with ridiculous dollar store decorations. Halloween is a take-it-or-leave-it holiday, nobody blames you for not celebrating, just turn off the porch light.

I love fall and I'm gonna enjoy going outside again. I hope to take the kids to a pumpkin patch and possibly a farm. It WILL BE great.

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