I'm sure some version of this was inspired by something I've seen on Pinterest. But this was so much fun. Here's how:

  • Ikea has these frames for $20.00
  • I wrapped the mat that the frames came in with their baby swaddling blankets. 
  • I created the calendar myself cause I couldn't find a cute etsy shop that had cute past calendars from 2011 (even tho I'm sure there is a closet full of them somewhere)
  • There is the lists of baby names I made early in my pregnancies
  • The wooden blocks are from Target online, they are the only ones that will fit in the frame. I had to paint some of the repeat letters different colors.
  • I used only a few of the sonogram photos
  • The little outfits are the ones that they wore home from the hospital
  • Everything else is from the hospital, the feet print, the bassinet labels, and our hospital bracelets
  • I used pins and tape to attach everything.
They work and fit on the wall now. But I'll let you know if anything falls off. :)

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