So I themed this BubbleLife article Top 10 not-so-obvious places to visit with your kids. But after writing like 5 of them I really filled up my word count quota and also nobody on my list was emailing me back with pictures, details or acknowledgment of my existence as an email user. Anyways so I cut it to 5. I have a ton of ideas that are not-so-obvious things to do with kids (thanks to my new facebook friend Alison) and I hope to make it a series of posts. Here's a link to the article.

By far the wonderful gentleman (named Blake by his parents) with Lucky Layla Farms was the easiest and most pleasant person to deal with in the research part of my article. I'll be going up to the farm sometime in the near future and braving raw unprocessed milk in appreciation of his promptness and helpfulness. Huh weird he was also the smallest business I featured.

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