JoAnn Schauf – Guest Contributor
Nov 3 2016

Behind every great parent is an adult who listens. A reader to my bi-weekly newletter, "The Tween Times", suggested I share this letter from her daughter.

She implored her mom not to manage her feelings or give unsolicited advice. And, to let her solve her own problems.

What was unwritten is that she desired her mom's empathy, understanding, and compassion. And that in voicing her story, problem, or feelings she connected with her mom.

It's not easy to listen silencing our opinions, experience, and best intentions. But, I know you can! You'll grow your child's self confidence.

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Coppell resident JoAnn Schauf created Your Tween And You after spending 20 years as a middle, high school and college guidance counselor. She's a master storyteller who helps parents connect with their tweens. She is the mother of four kids, who are now well adjusted adults! JoAnn offers private parent coaching,  school and church workshops, and a bi-monthly newsletter. You can reach her at  She also has new weekly podcasts!  Listen Now!

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