I’ve been making an attempt to find the end of the Internet, but I haven’t had any luck. Here’s what I found this week:

Photo Series of a Baby who has a super talented and patient mommy.

  • As soon as these amazing photos were posted to the Bored Panda site, I got a few emails from people telling me that these reminded them of the pictures I take each week of my daughters. I beg to differ. My photos are me propping my kid on the ground with a dry erase board that says how many weeks old they are. These are well thought out and well crafted pictures of a baby during naptime. This is an amazing, talented mommy.

Photo Series of Teddy Bears that have lived through more presidents than me.

I have a ton of questions for old people.

Geeky personality test


A cabin in the middle of nowhere

  • First thing I thought was: I wonder how they heat and air-condition that place? Then, my second thought was: Oh, they aren’t worried about heating and air conditioning… or electricity…. or even plumbing. It must be nice never having to check Facebook or make toast, do the dishes or clean toilets. Just kidding. Living simply really appeals to me. I have loved camping in the past and this really does seem like a wonderful idea.


So Ochobo is a real problem in Japan. Who knew?

  • I adore the little things that make cultures across the world different. Here is a unique problem that a Japanese burger joint faced (pun intended).

For the men that are growing the mustaches

  • It’s November 8 and I’m over it. Wait — no, no I’m not. I may not be a fan of solo mustaches but I love a man in a full beard, and as the flannels come out and the weather cools down, furry men everywhere are looking very warm and cuddly. Here are some food that the mustache men shouldn’t be eating while growing out their upper lip warmers.

Best of BubbleLife this week

I’m going to remind you again that we accept reader submitted news and calendar events, so if you are having a block party or a 5k race or you happened to be at a major neighborhood occasion and want to tell us all about it. Please submit it to us. We have an editor that will look it over, fix the grammar and make sure that it will be relevant to our neighborhoods. She is awesome that way.

DONATE – Keep the Giving Going

  • There are a number of sponsored races this weekend throughout the DFW area, and you don’t have to put on your two sports bras or your knee braces and leave your couch in order to support the causes. You can donate your moola to the Dallas Veterans Day Run near Bachman Lake Park benefitting Team RWB, they help transition vets from service members to civilians.
  • And, you can donate to the Richardson ISD as they are have a Spirit Run this Saturday that benefits the students and teachers of RISD. Or, you can donate directly to the Stephanie Lynne Calams Memorial Scholarship, in honor of a RISD teacher who passed away suddenly a little over a year ago and her goal of changing the lives of Dover Elementary students.