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Perot Museum Bench The stainless steel benches throughout the museum have interesting science facts punched in them. Some are funny, but others, such as this one, were somewhat gross.

You'd think from the heavily concrete and metal exterior that the inside of the Thom Mayne-designed Perot Museum of Nature and Science would be formidable and unapproachable for the young, excited minds it is supposed to mold. 

And if that's what you think, you'd be wrong. 

While members of the media toured the museum during the preview day on Nov. 14, several exhibit designers were available to walk through some of the attractions on all four floors in the museum. As executive director Nicole Small offered, the museum used Amaze Design, the same firm that created the heavily interactive Science Museum of Minnesota. 

"A musuem that's built in 2012 has to make a huge investment in technology," Small said. And they did, with the help of Dell and Texas Instruments. Both companies sponsored several of the high tech interactive exhibits in the museum, including the theater which will feature 3D films from National Geographic.

Steve Hinkley, vice president of programs, said that these innovative exhibits will appeal to all visitors, not just a small age range.

"These will get people motivated and asking questions," Hinkley said. "This will really transform the concept of how science is taught."

Of course, the Perot family couldn't be prouder of the museum, which will open to the public on Dec. 1. Carolyn Perot Rathjen, chair of the museum's board of directors, said her family hopes the museum will help create another generation of Nobel laureates.

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