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There's just something about Tinker Toys, Dump Trucks, Lincoln Logs and plain ol' blocks that make learning so much fun for imaginative kids! Children often have no idea while they're busy at play they're also developing foundational skills in science and math; skills that could one day lead them to a fabulous career in engineering, architecture or construction. Now, there's a series of free downloadable workbooks that will keep your children engaged in STEM activities from Kindergarten all the way through high school.

Developed by Joeris General Contractors, which builds a lot of schools all over Texas, the workbooks follow the TEKS curriculum. Each booklet is grade level appropriate and is designed to make learning fun while helping kids connect math and science concepts to careers and professions in the real world.  


Parents and educators are encouraged to share these workbooks with the children in their lives. To get started, simply download, print and share the printable workbooks below!