locksmithove_t787823 – Guest Contributor
May 13 2020

Whether you own a home or just rent, you need security. Crime is not going down, reports of crime only increase as the years go on. Finding ways to secure your home is important if you wish to protect yourself and your possessions. At Locksmith Overland Park in Overland Park, KS, we help our customers find practical and affordable ways to improve the condition of their security. Often, homeowners will turn to a security firm to install their security. What they may not realize is that a locksmith can provide similar security features, often at far less expensive prices. You pay for the overhead that the security company has but with the services of a locksmith, we don’t carry as much overhead. The savings are passed on to our customers. 

551d90709b4cbWhen doing a security audit of your home ask yourself if all of your locks are in good working condition. If you struggle to get into your home because you have to properly insert your key or the lock just won’t turn when you turn it, this means the lock should be replaced. Perhaps the lock was rekeyed one too many times. If you have any locks, including window locks that do not work, have the locks changed immediately. This is your first line of defense. Also, check to make sure that you have a good lock on your patio door. This is one of the places where security is often lacking. The lock on your patio is only meant to keep the patio door locked. A burglar can easily slide into your patio door when left unattended. Rather than constantly looking over your shoulder, have a good, sturdy lock installed on your patio door.  

If your home security is important to you we are sure you already have a security system? If you do not have a security system, you are really leaving yourself susceptible to a home invasion. When you have a security system, monitored or non-monitored, you can at least ward off a would-be intruder. Just the presence of a security system is deterrent enough for some burglars. You don’t have to buy the most expensive security system on the market but you should at least consider what you can buy in your budget. The good thing is that you can always upgrade. When you upgrade, your security system will likely come with more features. Just note that more features doesn’t necessarily mean better. The one thing we want to convey to you is the need to start today. Do something to improve your home security by purchasing a security system today. Save money by allowing our locksmiths to install the system for you. You don’t have to use a particular security service to install your system but you stand to save big by allowing a locksmith to install it for you. You can never be too careful when it comes to the security of your home. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by making sure you have what you need to protect them from potential harm. 


You might only think about the inside of your home but you should consider what type of things you have on the outside of your home that may attract a thief. One this is for sure, thieves like to go undiscovered. This is why they will generally break into places when it is dark. To avoid becoming a target, have motion sensor lights installed that will illuminate when someone walks up to your home. If a thief catches sight of this, it will usually scare them off. They don’t want to be discovered. You should also make sure that you have motion sensors in the back of your home. This is even more important than having them in the front because a burglar will usually enter from the back. Check to make sure your lights are working as they should. The one day that you don’t check them is the one day someone might attempt to break into your home. 

You may not know it but when you have a security system and you have that small sign that they provide to you with their provider information on it, make sure you post it. Some come in the form of a sticker while some are signs that you can place in your yard. Don’t throw it away! Keep on display so that a burglar will catch sight of it and avoid your home. Some people have security systems installed and they don’t even have them turned on. They still keep their sticker or sign visible to make it appear as though they have a security system.  

We also suggest that you have a camera installed, especially if you frequently have packages delivered to your home or you suspect someone trying to find a way to get inside your home. A security camera is a way to quickly scare off a burglar. When they catch sight of it, they usually go to the next property. Security cameras also offer a timeline of when someone has been at your home and catches it all on video. If you do experience a break-in, you’ll have video footage that will help the authorities find the perpetrator. Some homeowners like for their camera to be visible but some would rather that it is hidden out of plain sight. Either way, having one could prove beneficial to you in keeping away an intruder.

If you are looking for any additional ways to improve the security of your home, let our locksmiths assist you. The above are the most practical and economical ways to improve your residential security. You don’t have to break-the-bank to get the security you need, you just need to be vigilant in your efforts to maintain your security. Make sure lights are properly working and you must set your security alarm in order for them to be of benefit to you. Residential security will offer you peace-of-mind!