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We all know what’s coming; we’ve dealt with it before, yet we don’t do much to help ourselves combat it every year. The holidays are always a joyous occasion, but they can also be one of the most stressful times of the year.

It seems like everything is going well until, all of a sudden, it’s already December and you have to get shopping and decorating and preparing for endless get-togethers with friends and family. However, rather than going through the end of the year full of tension, there are ways to prevent this holiday stress bomb from going off and to help you diffuse it.

1. Have A Plan — A surefire way to get stressed out is to aimlessly head from place to place with no game plan in mind. Make a daily to-do list and abide by it. Crossing accomplished items off your list will help you feel in control of the situation, and it will also help you avoid getting overwhelmed by all the potential options there are out there.

2. Learn to Say No — There are tons of family and friends to visit and entertain during the holidays, and some people feel compelled to RSVP yes to any and all invitations they receive. Say no to a few engagements. It is amazing how a little extra time to yourself — time when you can actually relax — can improve your stress and mood.

3. Don't Skip Out on Fitness — Exercise is one of the least utilized yet most effective ways of improving one’s mood and relieving stress. Put aside some time to get active during your many shopping trips and parties. If you’re a runner, enjoy the cooler air on a nice jaunt outside. If you’re into weight training, don’t let cold weather become your excuse to skip a trip to the weight room! 

4. Share the Workload — It’s simple: there are a lot of things to be done during the holiday season. Many times, people try and do everything on their own. Instead of taking on every task by yourself, if you have kids, let them help with what they can. Let your spouse help out this time by running those last-minute errands. No matter who does what, it is easier to accomplish more when everyone works as a team.

Have a happy and stress-free holiday season!

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