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Spring Valley UMC Preschool is excited to announce the addition of a transitional kindergarten class for the 2015-2016 school year.

Transitional kindergarten is a chance to gain support, learning and confidence in preparation for starting kindergarten the following year.  It is a chance to build on the foundation of what your child has already achieved while providing them with age appropriate oportunities promoting growth and school readiness skills in an active learning environment.  Students in transitional kindergarten will continue to develop a positive attitude, love of learing and the social and emotional skills necessary for school success. This class provides your child with further learning and development within a smaller class size and supportive environment.

This is an ideal class for children with a late spring or summer birthday who would like another year to prepare before entering kindergarten. It is also an option for children who have an early fall birthday, missing the cutoff for kindergarten, but who would like a more challenging year.

Registration will begin at the end of January.  School tours are available by appointment. For more information visit the school website at

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