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This week was eventful for The Lab. On Wednesday, we constructed over 100 air dart shooters with the Campers at Wesley Rankin Community Center.  And on Thursday, we received lots of help from East Dallas kids when we filled and launched a giant Solar Balloon at the Lakewood Whole Foods store Kids Club meeting.

Still, the most fun was had on-site at The Lab during this week’s camp, “Art Meets Science”. We tie-dyed Lab at Lakewood t-shirts, reupholstered our favorite chair with duct tape squares, and constructed robots from junk (lots of our campers learned to solder in the process).  As part of our “Local Business Weekly Guest Star” program, we hosted Cockrell Iron and Paint ( Stew taught campers how to construct their own homemade Bat Houses. Everyone got to decorate the house they built for take-home.

Next week, June 25-June 29, we will conduct the first Chemistry Kids camp of the year. Camp is full, so we regretfully cannot take drop-ins, however, I will be offering an impromptu camp on July 2 and 3. Please see details below.

As always, thank you for supporting The Lab at Lakewood. I hope you all enjoy the attached photos!



EXPLORING ELECTRONICS, a special two-day camp offering at The Lab at Lakewood

Monday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 3, 2012   9:30am – 2:00pm    $100.00

Campers will go from constructing basic circuits to learning to solder to building an original electronic creation to take-home. Attendees are encouraged to bring in old, broken and/or useless electronic componentry. Appropriate for 5-11 year old boys and girls.

Doors open at 9:00am. Campers should bring a sack lunch. All materials, snacks, sunscreen and water are always provided.

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