Cherry Pineapple Chicken

Cherry Pineapple Chicken is a simple, 30-minute meal that your whole family will love. We’ve partnered with Juicy Juice this year to create unique recipes focused on introducing kids to new flavors, and this savory dinner idea does just that! Juicy Juice is dedicated to helping families discover a new world of flavors through its popular […]

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Pokemon Valentines For Kids

When I asked my son what valentines for school he wanted to give his friends this year, I couldn’t wait to hear what he’d decide. Heart-shaped crayons? Race car valentines? Nope. He only had eyes for Pokemon. So, I did what any mom in my place would have done — I created some adorable Pokemon […]

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Printable Race Car Valentines

Since my son is in kindergarten, this will be the first year that we get to give homemade valentines to his school friends. I’ve always loved the idea of printable valentines that you can add candy or toys to instead of the prepackaged store-bought ones. One of his friends is really into race cars, so […]

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I remember wondering (pre-parenthood) why Elmo became the muppet of choice amongst toddlers and pre-schoolers. He’s annoying and talks in baby talk, I thought, is that really what kids like? Yes, these are the deep, meaningful musings of my pre-parenthood self, but the shorthand answer is yes, the tots love that dude. I’ve seen it […]

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Do you ever find yourself in a bit of a funk? Lately, I’ve been feeling somewhat swallowed up by motherhood – IT’S SO MUCH! With a 2-and-a-half-year-old and another one on the way, my brain is pretty much always hooked on these little ones. Hopefully Adeline will take a nap today. Does she have enough […]

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Dallas Moms Blog is growing and we’re growing fast! In order to keep up with the demands of our readers and partners, we’re looking to grow our team! Whether you want your voice to be heard to the masses or are simply looking for something fun and exciting to do behind the scenes, we could have […]

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We were licensed on a Wednesday afternoon and by Friday night we got the call. A baby boy needed a home, but baby had multiple siblings. “I know you said your preference was one child under two, but would you consider taking a sibling as well?” our case worker asked. We wavered and then ultimately […]

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Fitness goals
I’ve been in the fitness business as long as I can remember; but if I tell you an exact number, everyone will start doing the math and figuring my age. Then I may as well just tell you how much I weigh, too. So let’s just say, for the sake of a well kept secret… […]

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**This post is sponsored by Primrose Schools.** The first three years of childhood are consumed with exploration and experimentation. In fact, Jean Piaget, one of the most influential developmental psychologists of the 20th century, described young children as “natural scientists,” referring to how toddlers examine their surroundings to understand the world around them. Given this […]

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It is officially 2018, and for the last month I have enjoyed suffered through seeing the “New Year, New Me”, “Leave that in 2017” memes and posts flow up and down my timelines. As I was reflecting on 2017, I was trying to figure out “who” I wanted to be in 2018, and I realized, […]

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