Do you love to use recycled materials in crafts? If so, here is a fun, DIY Recycled Frisbee craft for kids! This easy craft requires minimal supplies and is the perfect homemade toy for home or school.

DIY Frisbee

DIY Recycled Frisbee

My kids and I love to craft from the recycling bin! This adorable frisbee craft requires a lid from a cookie dough tub, sour cream container, or something similar. The best part? It really flies! It’s a great little DIY toy to keep in the car for surprise park visits. I think it would also be a fun craft for kids to make on school field days.

To make this craft you will need

  • cookie dough tub
  • stickers
  • construction paper
  • white school glue
  • scissors

DIY Frisbee

After gathering supplies, invite kids to trace the plastic lid on a piece of construction paper. Cut out the circle.

DIY Frisbee

Invite kids to decorate their construction paper circle with stickers. Alternatively, they can draw a design on the construction paper. A spiral rainbow pattern would be really cool!

DIY Frisbee

When kids are finished decorating their circle, invite them to glue it to the lid with white school glue.

DIY Frisbee

When the glue is dry, kids can take their frisbees outside to play. They fly quite well!

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