16 Super Cool Recipes Made With Cereal

Everbody loves cereal just the way it is… straight out of the box or in a bowl with milk. But I found some really fun ways to eat your favorite breakfast cereal and they’re pretty awesome.

16 Super Cool Recipes Made With Cereal

16 Super Cool Recipes Made With Cereal

For a fun new breakfast treat, try this Fruity Pebbles breakfast bread with your favorite cereal baked right inside. via Sensibly Sara

You can also make Fruity Pebbles in cookies! via Simply Made With Love

These cereal and milk donuts look absolutely delicious. You can pick any of your favorite cereals to use. via Center Cut Cook

For a fun take on marshmallow treats, use Honeycomb cereal! via Lemon Tree Dwelling

Or Cookie Crisp! via Big Bears Wife

Cinnamon Toast Crunch waffles will change your waffle recipe forever. via Le Petit Treats

16 Super Cool Recipes Made With Cereal

And this Cinnamon Toast Crunch cake would be awesome, too! via Liv for Cake

A new way to make krispie treats, this no bake option has Cheerios, peanut butter and M&Ms. via My Recipe Magic

For a really creative way to eat your morning cereal, try these breakfast cereal popsicles! via In Katrina’s Kitchen

Make your own totally delicious Pop Tarts, with cereal as the topping! via Aww Sam

Oh my goodness… this Honey Nut Cheerio milkshake looks incredible. via Honey and Birch

16 Super Cool Recipes Made With Cereal

I love cinnamon rolls so next time I’m trying this recipe with Fruit Loops on top. via House of Yum

This Lucky Charms cheesecake would be an awesome dessert. via The Domestic Rebel

For a party snack, change up your normal puppy chow for this Captain Crunch peanut butter version. via The Housewife In Training Files

This summer why not try making a Fruity Pebbles ice cream sandwich? via Dude Foods

Freeze milk and cereal together for these morning cereal bars. via Babble

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